La Mafia González




I have thought of the perfect plan to propose to Valeria. I thought about asking her out tomorrow and then take her to my childhood river. There was a park in the past, but it closed and I am glad it did. The river was always dirty from the people’s trash. It is empty now and barely anyone goes there because there is nothing but water that you are not allowed to swim in.

I stand in front of Valeria’s room at twelve in the morning. I do not know if she is asleep or not, but I am willing to wake her up to tell her about the date tomorrow. I knock on the door and wait for her to open. When she does not open, I take the liberty myself and open the door slowly, not wanting to startle her. I find her sleeping peacefully on the best on her side. I walk in and close the door behind me. I walk toward her and wake her up.



“Mhmm.” She hums.

“Wake up.”

She opens her eyes and they land on me. “What? Is something wrong?” she panics.

“No, no, calm down. Nothing is wrong,” I reply.

“Then, why did you wake me up?”

“I am just excited and I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to tell you.”

“About what, Enzo?” she asks in her sleepy voice.

“I wanted to ask you if you would like to go out on a date with me.”

I could see her grin in the dark room. “Okay.”

“Great! Tomorrow at 7 PM, okay?”

“Okay, now get out and let me sleep.”

“No goodnight kiss for me?” I ask with a pout, even though she could not see it.

“No. You woke me up, the only thing you deserve is the cold shoulder and a slap. Now, go.”

I chuckle and shake my head. I love when she gets angry with me because it means that she can be herself with me and does not agree on everything I say.

“Fine,” I say and leave the room.

I woke to mine and Max joins me. We lie on the bed and I sleep with a smile on my face, looking forward for tomorrow’s date with the love of my life.


The next morning, we go down for breakfast. My mother finally hired a cook. His name is Santiago and he is 45 years old. We tasted his food yesterday and it was delicious, but of course, not as delicious as Valeria’s cooking.

We sit around the dining room and we say our prayers before diving in. Everyone was present beside Sam and Sophia, who according to my mother, went on a short vacation to Madrid for five days.

I did not like the idea when my mother told me, but I had no say in anything.

When we finished eating, I went to the warehouse to take care of some work while Valeria and my mother went shopping, probably for buying something to wear for tonight because I know my mother very well. If Valeria told her about the date, she would have taken Valeria to the shopping mall to get something to wear because she knows I will propose tonight.

I get more excited every time I think about it.

“Who is putting that awful smile on your face?” Fin, one of my close friends and the mechanic of the mafia.

“My future wife,” I reply with a grin.

“Wow, I did not think I would be alive to see this day. Lorenzo Gonzalez likes a girl and wants to marry her?” Fin teases, making me playfully roll my eyes.

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