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Writing Advice From Daisy

Hey, lovely people. How are you all doing?

First of all …

I LOVE YOU ALL SO FREAKING MUCH! I swear I have the best readers ever! Thank you so much for existing and for deciding to read my story (even though I have no idea why you would) 0_o

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m writing a bunch of random ‘tips to write better’ or whatever because I get this question way too often. I’m no professional, though, so please bear with me. You will find many writers on Wattpad who have thousands of times the reads and followers that I have. However, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when writing (in my very humble opinion) of course. I’m no expert so take it all with a grain of salt. 

Number One: Be Original

More often than not, new writers follow the crowd. They see what’s popular and try to copy it, which explains the large number of very similar-looking and similar-sounding stories on Wattpad. It’s only logical, at first glance, to want to follow the crowd. The natural thought process is ‘people love good girl bad boy stories, so that’s what I write’. However, this path has one major flaw: a sheer lack of originality. For instance: there are approximately 400K stories on Wattpad with the title ‘the bad boy *something something*’. That means you have one in 400K chance (a 0.0000025) chance of getting noticed.

An old but still meaningful quote: in order to be irreplaceable, one must be different. 

Number Two: Technicalities

Something many authors on Wattpad don’t realize on Wattpad is the effort it takes to produce ‘quality’ work. Some major aspects of a good story include but are not limited to: good grammar, a solid plot, well-rounded characters. Not all of us will have everything nailed on the first line. So make sure that before you start writing, you have a plan. Using free resources for writing (available on Google even) to polish your grammar and spelling, design your character, and figure out your story arc BEFORE you start writing is essential. 

For instance:


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