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Come back to me

This story is based when the pogues are in their 20’s. Sarah and John B were engaged, Pope and Cleo were finally official. But what about JJ and Kiara…

JJ’s pov

It’s been a month since me and Kie split. I miss her like crazy. Our relationship was going so well until one night at a party Kiara’s drink was spiked and she started shouting at me and calling me a cheater. I didn’t do anything, we was just talking and I had my arm round her 30 minutes before. There’s nothing I could do to change her mind she genuinely thought I’d done something.

I never wanted to let her go over it but i didn’t have a choice we came back to the house after the party and she slept in the bedroom that night while i slept on the sofa trying not to annoy her anymore and give her some space. But when I woke up in the morning she’d left and all of her things where gone she sent me a text ” Don’t ask where I am. I’m fine now I’m away from you ”

My heart snapped into two and tears began to pour from my eyes I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t do anything, I swear I didn’t. But she was gone. I rang all of the other pogues to see if they’d seen her or heard from her and they all said no. They where shocked to hear what had happened.

And now a month later nobodies seen her the messages I’ve sent to her begging her to come back to allow me to explain have all been ignored. My worlds turned upside down. I can’t sit here and dwell on it anymore I can’t fix it but god i could kill whoever caused this it isn’t fair. My future is ruined.

I opened instagram to try to take my mind off it and the first thing I saw was Rafe’s story wishing Topper happy birthday behind the text there was a video from the party Kie and Jj had been to showing Rafe and Topper dancing. I looked hard and saw in the background a man his face was covered I could see me and Kie in the video and behind us was the man dropping something into Kiara’s drink. I froze not sure what to feel I saved the video to my camera roll and knew I had to find Kiara and show her. The first thing I did was call John B he always had the best ideas.

* on the phone*

John b: hey Jj what’s up

Jj: bro I can get Kie back I need your help

John b: wait what ?

JJ: so I took a video from rafes story bro and u can see someone spike kiaras drink in the background

John b: no way

Jj: yep

John b: you have to show her man

Jj: but howIdk where she is

John b: let’s go to her parents house

Jj: no way her dad will let me talk to her

John b: worth a shot ?

Jj: no got a better idea

John b: what then

Jj: ask Sarah to ask Kie to go shopping or something then be with Sarah when she gets there

John b: bro that’s genius except Sarah and Kie haven’t been talking

Jj: bro why would she turn down shopping

John b: ok leave it with me I’ll talk to Sarah we’re gonna get you your girl back bro

Jj: fuck yeah

*the call ends*

I was filled with joy I started to laugh and jump around the room. I could finally get my girl back!

*phone call*

John b: hey babe

Sarah: hi what’s up

John b: I need to ask you a favorIt’s for Jj

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