Jealousy - Enolive 🧡

Chapter 16 - Kissing

‘I love you.’

They were the words Olive had waited to hear for a long time. She never thought Enoch would actually say it, let alone say it to her first.

Her heart swelled and she saw his face pale, she had forgotten to say something back and now he looked worried.

‘Enoch,’ She whispered back.

He held his breath in anticipation.

‘I love you too.’

They smiled at each other and Enoch stood up, taking Olive’s hands in his own and gently pulling her to her feet.

‘Promise you won’t break my nose for this?’ Enoch asked.

Olive was confused as to what he meant, but then she remembered what had happened when Noah had tried to kiss her and it made sense. His lips crashed onto hers and she met them happily. There were butterflies in her stomach that increased when he put his arm round her waist and his hand on the side of her face. Olive held onto him and nothing felt more natural than kissing the boy who would do anything for her. After what seemed like forever, they broke away and rested their foreheads against each other, still holding tightly onto the other one. Olive blushed but couldn’t look away from Enoch’s mesmerising eyes that stared into hers with such kindness.

‘I take it you’re not going to punch me then?’ Enoch asked playfully. Olive smiled back and replied,’No but I am going to do this!’ She leaned forward and pulled his face closer to hers, this time she was controlling their kiss. Enoch’s arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her up so he was carrying her. She held onto his neck and never wanted to let go. Nothing could stop them or ruin this moment. Her first kiss was perfect and she wouldn’t change a thing.

Well apart from the fact Bronwyn, Hugh, Millard and Horace were at the door, watching the whole thing.

‘Ew, they snogged,’ Bronwyn said in disgust. ‘About time,’ Hugh remarked.

Enoch was scowling but his cheeks were tinted red and Olive was smiling under her blush.

‘I’m going to tell Miss Peregrine!’ Millard teased, an invisible hand having to hold his hat as he darted out of the room. Enoch  chased after him and Olive couldn’t help giggling, still in euphoria from their kiss.

‘I thought it was positively delightful. Hugh was right, it was about time. The romantic tension between you two was quite painful to watch. At least now you’ve declared your love for each other, you can’t deny your flirting,’ Horace observed which made Olive blush and stutter.

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