Jack harlow imagines

"I've missed your scent,"

Request: jack being so infatuated by the readers scent

“I’m homeeee” you heard Jack’s voice as soon as the front door opened. You quickly got up from where you were sitting on the sofa and ran to where he was. He had been gone for a week on some work stuff, and you’ve missed him like crazy. Usually, you would have gone with him and worked from there, but this time you had important meetings to attend, so you had to stay at home. 

“Finallyyy” you ran into his open arms and cuddled into him. He inhaled sharply and let out a deep sigh.

“I’ve missed you mamas,” he said and looked at you, bending down to give you a kiss.

“I’ve missed you too” you mumbled against his lips, “I’ve made your favorite,” you said and grabbed his hand to drag him into the kitchen. You both sat down and ate dinner, he told you all about his trip and you told him about what you’d been up to at home.

“You wanna go to bed?” You asked him as you took away his plate. You knew he didn’t get much sleep when he was traveling and that he must be exhausted now. He nodded before speaking

“Mmm, but I need to shower first” he got up “I’ll wait for you in there” he continued and walked up to you to slap your but. You let out a shriek and looked back at him, only receiving a wink followed by a giggle. You quickly put away the dishes and went to the bathroom and took off your clothes. “Hi” he grabbed your hand when you stepped into the shower

“Hi,” you said and got closer to him, standing on your tippy toes to kiss him. You stood like that for a while before you grabbed a loofa and shower oil to rub on him. He let out a moan while you gently rubbed his back. You washed the oil away and kissed his shoulder, Jack had his eyes closed letting the warm water hit his body.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed,” you told him making him open his eyes and give you a pout. You laughed at him and got out of the shower.

You took one of his shirts and put it on and went to lie on the bed, Jack was quickly behind you. He laid down on his stomach and put his arm around you, and burrowed his face into your neck, inhaling sharply.

“I’m bringing one of your shirts with me next time” Jack mumbled against your neck.

“What why?” You giggled

“I’ve missed your scent,” he answered, and shortly after you could hear small snores.

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