Ishq o Dil

Part 11 🍁

Hoor was getting ready when she heard her phone ring. Her eye brows scrunched when she saw the caller’s name, she picked up the call “Assalamualaikum”

“walaikum Assalam” she heard a deep voice on the other side

“koi kaam tha, aap ne call kyun ki” she asked in a low voice she was still confused, why did he call her.

“kaisi hain aap hoor” he asked her.

“main theek hoon, aap ne kyun call ki” she again asked him. She was already heartbroken why was he increasing her pain.

Hoor heard a low chuckle “main aapse kuch baat karna chahta hoon, kya hum mil sakte hain”

“mujhe aapse koi baat karni hain” Hoor was about cut the call.

“Hoor..Hoor please ekbar meri baat toh sun lijiye” he requested her.

Hoor took a deep breath “Akhir chahte kya hain aap Asfand” Hoor was devastated she had to go through a lot to make her understand

Asfand closed his eyes when she said his name, it was first time he was hearing his name from her mouth, he felt butterflies in his stomach like a teenager.

“main bas aapse ekbar milna chahta hoon, aur kuch nahi” he pleaded.

“acchaa thik haan, mere college ke pass jo café hain hum wahan mil saktey hain” she told him.

“Thank you….thank you..thank you so much Hoor” saying that he cut the call.

Hoor looked at her phone, took a deep breath and prayed to Allah to save her heart this time.

She went downstairs, her mother sitting on the table.

“aare hoor beta aagyi tum aao nashta karlo” Her mother told her

“ammi abbu aur bhai kahan hain” she asked her mother as she took a seat.

“tumhare abbu aur bhai aaj jaldi office chale gaye hain, woh chahte hain office ka kaam jaldi jaldi khatam kar le, tumhari shaadi ki date jo kareeb aarahi hain” her mother informed her

Hearing the topic of her marriage did something to her heart, she didn’t feel those butterflies brides usually feel before their marriage.

“waise beta mujhe yaakeen hi nahi araha tum hum e chodhkar chali jaogi, lagta hain abhi toh laaye the tumhe hospital se” her mother continued with teary eyes.

Hoor got up from her seat and hugged her mother.

“tum khush to ho na beta, Umer bohot accha ladka hain tumhe bohot khush rakkhe ga” her mother told her.

Hoor broke the hug and smiled a little

“accha ammi main chalti hoon, late ho raha hain” she got up to leave

“beta aaj college se jaldi aa jana umer ki ammi aa rahi hain” Rehnuma Khan informed her

” sorry ammi aaj college mein kaam hain main late ho jaungi” Hoor felt guilty, she was lying to her mother.

Rehnuma Khan smiled and said “accha beta jao koi baat nahi”

Then Hoor left for her college.

Hoor and Hadiya were done with their classes, Hadiya was waiting for her car

“chalo hoor main aaj tumhe ghar drop kar deti hoon”

“Nahi…nahi tum jao mujhe thoda kaam hai, main baad mein chali jaungi” she told her.

“you sure??” she again asked her

“haan..haan tum jao” she reassured her.

Hoor went to the café, Asfand already there waiting for her.

She went to him “Assalamualaikum”

Asfand stood up greeted her “Walaikum Assalam aiye bethiye”

Hoor sat down and asked “Aap ne mujhe kyun bulaya hain”

Asfand looked at her “pehle kuch order kar lete hain”

Hoor was getting anxious, she was nervous why did he call her, why he wanted to talk about

“nahi mujhe kuch nahi chahiye mujhe bataiye ki kyun bulaya hain” she asked him again.

Asfand understood that the she was nervous. He ordered two coffees for them.

He looked at her “main aapse jo kehne jaa raha hoon, main chahta hoon ki aap meri baat pehle sun please”

Hoor didn’t say anything, Asfand started talking again

“Hoor main janta hoon ab bohot der ho chuki hain, par main phir bhi aj aapse main ye main aapse yeh kehna chahta hoon”

Hoor’s heart was racing, Asfand understood her nervousness he held her hand

“Hoor main aapse bohot mohabbat karta hoon, main aapse shaadi karna chahta hoon” Asfand finally confessed his love for her.

Hoor was shocked, she didn’t know what to say she couldn’t believe her ears, the person who she was in love with all her life was confessing his love for her but it was too late.

“aap yeh sab kya keh rahi hain, meri shaadi teh ho chuki hain aapko pata hain na” she took her hands away from him. Her eyes were teary.

Asfand closed his eyes, he hated tears in her eyes and it was because of him.

“main sab janta hoon Hoor, main sab sambhal lunga, main bas aapse yeh janna chahte hoon ki kya aap mujhse shaadi karna chahti hain” he asked her.

Hoor was silent, she didn’t know what to say she wanted to be with him but she didn’t want to betray her family and her father

“Hoor….kuch to kahiye” Asfand again asked her.

“Par main kaise…baba..” Hoor was confused on one hand she had her love on another her family’s reputation.

“hoor mujh par bharosa rakhiye main sab sambhal lunga, mujhe bas aapka saath chahiye aur kuch nahi, dengi na aap mera saath” he asked her holding her hands.

Hoor looked down and tightened her grip on his hand

Asfand got his answer, today he was the happiest man on earth, he took her hand and kissed the palm of her hands.

“thank you….thank you so much Hoor aapko nahi nahi pata main kitna khush hoon aaj, aab hum dono ko saath hone se koi nahi rok sakta” he expressed his happiness.

Hoor was looking at him intently she couldn’t believe he was also in love with her, she was scared about her family’s reaction but for now she just wanted to enjoy and live in this moment.

They were completely lost in each other’s eyes. But what they didn’t know was that someone was standing there watching them together.

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