Ishq Ki Dastaan


“Maa, who is he?” 5 year old Shourya asked his mother. “You promised me you will tell me when I turn 5. I am already 5 tell me now, please” he gave her puppy eyes.

“He” Tara too crawled on the bed and sat next to him, cuddling. She took the picture as a handsome man smiling at the camera and a smile formed on her lips. “He is a real life superhero. He is your father. Captain Abhinav Dixit” she added.

“Papa? Toh yeh humare saath kyu nahi rehte? Kya yeh maar gai hai?” he asked.

“Maare nahi hai, shaheed hue hai taki tum yaha aram se sooh sako” Tara softly patted on his head so that he can fall asleep.

“Kya papa Iron Man jitne strong thai?”

“Usse bhi zayada strong. Sabse strong” she kissed him on his forehead and laid next to him. He hugged her mother close and closed his eyes.

“Mai bhi papa jaisa banu ga” was the last thing he said and she heard before they fell into deep slumber.

*****************6 years ago, Jammu and Kashmir army base camp

“Doctor Tara, Major Vikrant” a man in his early 40’s introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you Major. How can I help you?” Tara who has been posted here just this morning asked.

“Have I lost any of my boys yet?” he asked looking around at the injured army men. Out of no where people from the other side started firing at five in the morning. Men were severely injured but there wasn’t any casualties yet. Tara was on her toes since she entered the base camp. She didn’t even get a chance to change her clothes.

“Not yet, Major. Don’t worry you won’t lose any of them. They all are fine. Severely injured but fine” she assured him.

“Doctor” a man shouted grabbing there attention. Soon three men entered the room with one barely conscious. Blood was ozzing out of his wonds and his condition was bad.

“Please lay him down” Tara pointed towards a bed. “Major can you please wait outside. I need to check him” she continues.

“Doctor he is one of our bests. Nothing should happen to him” Major Vikrant said looking worriedly at the man lying on the bed.

“Don’t worry, he will be fine” she assured and with that he walked out.

Abhinav Dixit

His name tag read. Tara didn’t waste anymore time and treated his wounds. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” she asked once he was conscious but still in pain.

“I think there is a bullet near my waist” he hissed in pain.

“Let me check” she unbuttoned his shirt and indeed there was a bullet. “This is going to hurt a bit but you are going to be fine. Okay?” she asked.

“Okay?” he said more like asked her.

She was mid way treating him when he held her hand because of the pain.

“Captain if you will hold my hand, how will I treat you?” she asked.

“Sorry” he let go of her hand. Once the bullet was out she dressed up the wound and smiled looking at him. “All done. You are absolutely fine, Captain” she said and threw her gloves in the dustbin and sanitized her hands.

“By the way, I am Captain Abhinav Dixit” he pulled out his hand infront of her.

“Doctor Tara” she shook hands with him.

“You came today?” he questioned to which she nodded. “How are they?” he asked looking around.

“They are fine. It will take some time but you all will heal. Just take these medicines after dinner” she gave him some medicines and he happily took it.

Abhinav was charmed by Tara. No one has ever gave this six feet tall, well built army man butterflies in his stomach but she did. The only thought going on in his mind was if  he wants to spend rest of his life with some it would be Tara. Maybe it was her beauty or maybe her bravery to choose such a profession. There weren’t many female army doctor and here she is, taking care of everyone.

“Don’t sleep” she said when she saw him closing his eyes. “Food will be here in no time. Eat and then get changed and after that you can have a good night sleep” she said as she helped a man in drinking water.

“Where are you from?” he asked not taking his eyes off her moving figure.

“Ranchi. You?”

“Me too” Abhinav said and his smiled widened. They had something in common. Maybe it was a sign.

“Abhi your mother is on call” a man rushed inside the room to give him his phone. The network here was really poor. If you are lucky you get to talk to your family but the line might go dead in between the conversation because of poor network. But it was a lucky day for Abhinav. He happily accepted the phone call. The man left before sending a smile on Tara’s way and she too continued doing her work and gave Abhinav some space and privacy.

Happy Independence Day

Anyone whose family member is a part of our army of any Indian force, I salute them.

This story is specially for independence day. In memory of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives protecting us.

Many love stories remain incomplete and this is one of them.

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