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10. Epilogue


“Falak, stop running!”

Shamima shrieked from behind her. The two had gone to the hospital and what they came to know had the two beaming with joy. Falak couldn’t wait to disclose the news to her husband and was running while Shamima was trying her best to not faint in worry.

“Ammi, kuch nahi hoga. Relax. Hum na Abeer ko dhoondne jaa rahe hai.”

(Mom, nothing will happen. I am going to find Abeer.”

“Abeer bhai toh aap ke kamre mein hi hai.”

(Abeer is in your room itself.)

She heard Aashna say the moment she referred to her husband. Thanking her and giving her a bright smile and a quick hug she skipped towards her room.

Shamima shook her head at her childish daughter-in-law, the smile never leaving her face as her heart was beaming in content.

Falak dashed into the room, her excitement knew no bounds as she saw Abeer sitting on the bed with his back attached to the headboard and a frown on his face.


She screamed in joy, making the one referred to jump in surprise and worry. Looking at her, he sighed in relief on seeing her wide smile and gave a smile of his own while walking up to her.

“Ahliya, Allah! I missed you.”


He said while nuzzling his head in the crook of her neck. His ahliya blushed at his gesture, yet not used to their close proximity even after 11 months of their marriage.

“Waise gayi kaha thi? No one told me anything.”

(Where did you go?)

He asked with a pout, eliciting a melodious giggle from her. Abeer couldn’t wipe that stupid smile from his face that appeared on seeing the happy glow on his ahliya’s face.

He was whipped. Whipped way too badly, not that he minded.

“Hum hospital gaye the.”

(I went to the hospital.)

Almost instantly a concerned look took over his face as he assessed her from top to bottom.

Without warning, he picked her bridal style, making Falak squeal at the sudden gesture. She snuggled into his chest as he walked up to their bed and made her sit on the soft mattress.

“Hospital kyu gayi thi? Are you hurt? Bukhar hai? Mujhe kyu nahi bataya? Doctor ne kya kaha? Did you get the medicines? Aur-“

(Why did you go to the hospital? Are you having a fever? Why didn’t you tell me? What did the doctor say? And-)

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