In the end it's Him and I


Areeba’s POV:

I have cleaned the whole house. I even cleaned bathroom too. I am so anxious. I hope everything goes well. I don’t even have a back-up plan. I wish i could cook i would have made everything by my hand. I ordered everything. My mom still hasn’t come home. I need to tell Abubakar too i can’t wait for his reaction. I dialed his number.

“Hello””Hey areeba. Are you okay? How do you feel?””You need to come to my house at 2 today””What I don’t understand””My mother has agreed to meet you. She is going to give you a chance. So be here at 2 on the dot. I will be waiting”

I can hear him jumping on the other side of phone. I am so happy. But i have a feeling deep buried inside of me that this happiness is not going to end well. I hope it just a hunch. I shook these crazy thoughts out of my mind and focused on Abubakar.

Finally both mama and Abubakar are here. They are sitting parallel to each other. My mother is behaving good way better than i was expecting her to. She is asking questions trying to get to know Abubakar. Everything is going well. Abubakar was stressed at first now he is eased up. Suddenly my mother asked.

“What about your dad?””What about him””How are you meeting your daily expenses. You must be still depending on your father for money” Why did she have to ask that? Everything was going well.”Uhm yeah i mean yeah but i am looking for a job and if God Wills i will do””I am not asking about what you are planning to do in your future or your false promises. Why should i let you marry my daughter when you are still dependent on the man who stole everything from me?””Mam atleast listen to me-” Shit this is not going well. It went down hill quickly.”Get out””Mam””I said get out” Mama shouted. Abubakar got up and went out of the house.

I also got up to run after him  But mama held my wrist.  I try to wriggle out of her hold but i failed. I broke down crying.  What did she do that. She should not have even called him. She only called him here to disrespect him.

I have been locked in my room for two days without eating or drinking. I have shattered everything in my room. My whole room is a mess. I am too numb to feel anything. A knock came on my door.”Areeba come out. I am begging you please come out””No” I screamed back with tears running down my face.”Areeba i swear if you don’t come out in the next 10 minutes i will slit my wrist” i stayed motionless. She won’t do it. Right.

I heard a scream. Blood is gushing in my room from under the door. I ran to open the door. She is laying on the floor with wrist split open. I immediately call the ambulance which came in 5 minutes.

“Mama please open your eyes i will do anything you say but please open your eyes you want me to leave Abubakar na i will” They are taking her away on a stretcher. Why are they doing this? She is fine. Nothing has happened to her. She will come back to me. I have no one besides her. She can leave me. My whole body is shivering. I have decided i will leave Abubakar. I will no longer fight with her over Abubakar. Nothing is worth losing my mama not even my love. Just come back to me.

After a long time which felt like centuries nurse came to me.”How is she””She is stable. Thankfully you brought her at the right time otherwise she would have lost a ton of blood. The cut is very deep so you need to very careful with the bandages. And yes change the bandages every two days.”Thank you God. She is okay.”Can i take her home?””Yes you can”

I entered the room. She is wide awake. Bandage is covering her whole arm. I ran and hugged her. She hugged me back.”Mama i will listen to everything you say just don’t ever do anything this like ever again i have no one else but you” “I am sorry baby for scaring you like this”

I took her home. Her hand is slightly improving. She is gaining function back in her palm and fingers. It doesn’t hurt much now. She only feels a little discomfort. And about Abubakar his topic is now closed i left him a message saying “We are done” i blocked him without waiting for a reply. I need to stay strong for mama. Some things are just not meant to be. I am praying that I don’t crumble. There is not a single night i don’t miss Abubakar, his smile, his laughter, his cheesy lines. But some things are just not meant to be.

2 Months Later:

Things are starting to go back to normal. Mama has gone back to work. I have rejoined University. I have pulled out of the classes me and him have together. Even changed my session from morning to evening to avoid seeing him. It hurts to even say his name.

Mama asked me if i am ready to settle down and i agreed. She asked for my preference i replied it doesn’t matter. And it really doesn’t. I don’t care who my life partner is and how he is going to be. Some days i feel like i am walking dead. And on some days i feel empty no sadness just nothing. The only reason i am living this life is because i know it is going to end one day that is my only hope.

I am in the university when mama called me.”Ji (Yes)””Come home right now””Is everything okay””Just come home hurry”

I immediately left the university and booked a cab for home. My mama voice sounded weird. I pray everything’s fine. I unlocked the front door. There is silence all over the house. Where is mama? I reached the lounge when suddenly mama and Abubakar came out screaming Surprise. Wait what is happening? Why is Abubakar here? It feels surreal seeing him here. I know it has been only 2 months but it feels like ages. He looks still as handsome.

“I am so confused””It is your birthday did you forget?””What is Abubakar doing here?””Oh Abubakar approached me a month ago and his cheesy lines grew on me””Is that what i think it means?””Yes it is exactly what it means” i ran towards mama and hugged her.”I can not see my only daughter sad anymore so i decided to put my ego aside for the sake of her happiness and now go to him”

“Hey””Hey baby now you are trapped””I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else except by your side” He hugged me so tightly. “Chill we have our life ahead of us don’t suffocate me now” Abubakar and mama both start laughing.


                 THE END

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