I'm falling for my Fiancé - (BOOK 1)

Part 11 - you're an idiot Apollo

Avalana skylar ValerieEdited

School went normal today, i hope all of the assignments that i worked hard for will get a great point, just like my expectations.

Now I’m heading to the field alone cause I’m late for my running practice, all of my friends are already there. I began to join them to do the warming up, just like normal we started to do the jogging around the track 3 times.

I see the football players are also getting ready to begin their training too, i see Apollo is talking to his coach.

Dylan and i are the one that leads all of the runner to run around the track, after 3 times jogging around the tracks we finally set up in a line to run on the track one by one.

After half an hour training and running, coach miranda let us to take a rest for a moment. I walked into where i put my towel and my bottle of water, I feel so sweaty and i feel my body is warm enough, thankfully the sunlight doesn’t really burn us up.

Coach miranda suddenly blew the whistle sign that the break time is over, all of us went into where she’s standing then she told us to be on our push up positions.

No longer after that she started to count until 10, after that she told us to be on a sit up position which makes all of us search for a partner.

After that physical training she called my group to be ready on the track, Sabrina is going to be the first runner, Tasha is going to be the second, Clara is going to be the third while I’m going to be the last one to reach the finish line.

Sabrina is ready on a start position then coach Miranda blew the whistle, she ran so fast I’m glad to have her in my team. The second runner is Tasha she’s ready at the start line to reach the stick from Sabrina, after she catch the stick she began to run as fast as she can.

After that it is the third runner turned, Clara ran her ass off. Clara once told me that she can’t close her mouth while running, her tongue always went out of her mouth like a dog and it is so funny.

I see Clara is close to the start line so i make a position to catch the stick from her, once she’s getting closer i began to take a further step to catch the stick from her, then run away as fast as i can. I feel the wind is blowing on my skin as  I’m running with the stick on my hand. I almost reach the finish line, i was running with the stick on my hand when suddenly a hard material hit me right on my left forehead that makes me fall to the ground.

My head feels hurt, i feel dizzy at first and my vision is getting blurred, i heard coach Miranda is shouting for my name. I slowly put my hands to covering my face and turn my body to face the floor,

“Shit Lana I’m sorry!” I heard Apollo’s voice.

I opened my eyes and realized that the one who throw the ball straight to my head is non other than Apollo,

“You’re an idiot Apollo” i said to him, and i can hear a little laugh slipped from him.

He slowly to put my head on his lap, i see some of the runner especially Coach Miranda and my girls are running for me.

“Oh my god Lana you okay?” Tasha said then sit next to me.

I see everyone is looking at me right now also some of the football players are running to where i lay on their captain’s lap. Coach parker is also running into where i lay, he looks panicked while try to fix his hat.

“Oh my god Miranda I’m so so sorry” He said to coach miranda.

“And you Avalana I’m sorry for my boys they’re stupid sometimes” he said and all i do is closing my eyes while smiling, knowing how stupid Apollo is for throwing the ball at me.

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