I Love You


At night:Aaradhya came from hospital. She sat on the couch tiredly and sighed. Today was very tiring day for her. It was 12 in the night. Suddenly someone handed her a glass of water. She looked at a person and smiled.“Thanks.” She said.“Had dinner?” Kabir asked. She shook her head in denial.“Then go and get fresh I will heat up the food.” He said softly.“I am not hungry. I am tired. I just want to sleep.” She said.“Atleast eat something. Ok go inside our room and get fresh I will bring food in room. Get up.” Kabir said. She sighed and went inside their room.
After some minutes Kabir came with food in the room. Aaradhya was checking her phone.“Did you say something to Priya? She messaged me sorry.” She asked.Kabir went near her and Feed her while telling her what happened in office. She felt bad for Priya. But it was noone’s fault. She just prayed Priya’s happines

After eating dinner they settled on the bed with Aaradhya’s head on Kabir’s chest. He was caressing her hair. He kissed her forehead.

‘I Love You’ They both said softly. Sleep was nowhere in sight even when today was very busy day. Aaradhya tilted her head and kissed Kabir softly.

Kabir changed their position and hovered over her. His hands were holding her waist tightly. She encircled her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her. They broke the kiss in need of oxygen. Kabir looked at her. Her face was glowing in the moonlight. Her flushed face and swollen lips with sharp breathing was making it hard to control him. She nodded at him. He kissed her forehead. Then he trailed the kisses from her chin to jaw. Aaradhya closed her eyes in pleasure. After some minutes their clothes were scattered in the room. And only the sound of moans, groans and breathing of pleasure could be heard in the room. The night witnessed their intense love making. That night they became one in all senses. It was their first time. Yes… After 5 months of their wedding.

They slept at the dawn in eachother’s arms.

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