I am BTS' bodyguard || V x OC x JK...

Epilogue: Deal

One month later…

“AE RI!” A scream emerges from the first floor of the house.

“SHUT UP IM STUDYING!” Manager Sejin asked me to take a basic high school test as part of my training. Not surprisingly, I failed. He then threw a bunch of heavy books at me and asked me to take the exam again in six months.

It has only been one month, and I already want to quit.

But that is not an option now, not when V’s snores in my bed behind me are the only thing keeping me from throwing the books out the window.

I hear rapid footsteps coming upstairs, and push V off of my bed.

“Hey!” He scolds, barely opens his eyes as his body falls with a thud to the other side of my bed facing the wall. I on my desk, beside my door.


I already know who it is before the door of my room bursts open by nonother than Jin, Jimin, and J-hope.

“Tell Jin to stop trying to poison me.” Says Jimin, whose red lips and dried tongue seem to make him cry. I raise an eyebrow at the three boys in front of me. Jin is not-so-silently chuckling with a messy apron. Jimin breathes heavily, and J-hope just eyes the scene from behind.

“I didn’t-” He chuckles. “-try to poison you!” And ends up bursting in laughter.

Apparently, he did poison Jimin.

“And what are you doing here?” I eye J-hope standing in the back, outside my room.

“What? I can’t pay a visit my beautiful, Ri-Ah?” He winks, and I throw a book at his face.

I feel a something fidging below the bed.

“Jin, stop trying to cook Mexican food and say sorry.”

“How come I am the one that needs to ask for forgiveness? It’s not my fault he didn’t like it”

“Should I ask Gori-” I cough. “Mr. Ahn to restrict you from cooking for the rest of the week?” He shakes his head continuously, making his hair fly back and forward.

“I thought so. Now, get out of my room!” They all go back downstairs, defeated. And I can’t help a small smile forming on my lips.

The door closes and V jumps back on my bed.

“Is that how you are going to treat our children?” A dangerous shade of red invades my cheeks, and I hide my face in my book.

“Besides, you didn’t have to push me that hard!” He says, rubbing his back, and looking at me from the corner of his eyes. I can see him hiding that evil smirk of his.

He loves doing that to me. Leaving me speechless.

“W-We have to be with Manager Sejin in an hour, go get ready.” With my face hidden from his view in my book, I feel his steps approaching me, or the door.

He then places a soft kiss on my cheek.

“I didn’t know you could read the book upside down.”

And the red on my cheeks intensifies.


“Thank you for coming Tae Hyung, I know today is your day off, but well, someone really special has come all the way here to talk to you.” Says Manager Sejin. Gorilla, well, Mr. Ahn and I share a confused glance as we stand by the door of Manager Sejin’s office. Where Manager Sejin and V stand by his desk.

The phone of the desk rings, and Sejin picks it up. “She is here.” The muffled voice over the speaker says, which I recognize as Lidia, the kind receptionist on the first floor which I have grown into and become really good friends with. “Tell her to come up.” Manager says.

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