I Accidentally Kissed My Bestfriend...

24. William Shakespeare and Confrontations

Asher and I have been dating for a week now.

He’s been so sweet to me and we’ve been on a date everyday ever since he asked me out.

Stella has been acting weird ever since we had an argument in the closet at the movie theater.

Easton and Emma have been spending a lot of time together, but Easton looks miserable while Emma looks smug.

Everytime Stella and I hang out she tries to find a reason to bring up Easton, but I shut it down before she can continue.

I don’t hate him, but I hate how he jumped to conclusions before confiding in me first.

Me, Stella, and Asher are currently at lunch. I’m sitting beside Asher and Stella is sitting across from us and is eating her food with a pissed expression on her face.

“Babe, we should go to the ice skating rink after school” Asher says as he looks at me with excitement written on his face which causes Stella to scoff

“Amelia doesn’t know how to ice skate” she deadpans which causes me to glare at her before I turn to look at Asher with a smile

“I would love to go” I say which makes him smile before he kisses me

“I’ll teach you” he says which makes me nod before the bell goes off which signals the end of lunch

“Meet me at the Eastside Skate Center after school?” He asks as we dump our trays

“Yeah, Of course” I say with a smile as we walk through the double doors

We share a sweet kiss before he quickly kisses my cheek and walks into his classroom.

“Usually people with boyfriends look happy to kiss them. You look the opposite” Stella says as she walks up beside me and observes my sad expression

She’s right.

I have a boyfriend, I should be happy.

But I’m not.

My life doesn’t feel as complete as it did when Easton was in it.

Asher’s kisses aren’t as intense as Easton’s.

Asher’s eyes don’t hold as much emotion as Easton’s.

Asher doesn’t make me feel as giddy as Easton does.

Asher isn’t Easton.

“I just ate too much and now my stomach hurts” I say which makes Stella laugh

“Yeah, Okay” She says before we walk into our English Language Arts class.

We have this class with Easton and Emma.

Oh joy.

Stella and I are the first to get there since Asher’s classes start two minutes before ours.

He’s in smarter classes than us.

I decide to text him while I wait for everyone else to show up

Me- What are you learning about in your class?

Asher- The anatomy of a jellyfish

Asher- It’s quite hilarious

Me- I bet it is

Asher- You seem sad. What’s wrong?

Me- How did you know?

Asher- You’re using smaller words

Me- Oh. Do you think that we’re moving too fast?

Asher- No, Why? Do you feel uncomfortable?

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