Chapter 53 - The hero

Rose’s POV

I was leaning against his chest while laying on the bed, his arms around me.

“I feel it is a girl this time.” He commented softly, stroking my belly gently. “A girl like her beautiful mother.” He added and placed a tender kiss on my hair. I beamed, turning my head towards him, and brushed my lips against his lips, resting my hand on his cheek.

Three months later

I was staring at my engagement ring and wedding band, smiling ear-to-ear while sitting on the couch in the garden. I still couldn’t believe that Troy and I got married last week. It was magical. It was an intimate wedding in the garden of our new house with his family, my mother and close friends.

Troy talked to my father… Steven and invited him to our wedding, but of course, he declined the invitation. Troy didn’t mention all the details of their conversation, but I guessed it didn’t go well.

A few days after our wedding day, we heard that he moved to Canada permanently.

“Mommy?” Alec called me, interrupting my thoughts, and rushed towards me, dragging Troy with him.

“My boy, what happened?” I asked in curiosity, resting my hand on my belly.

“Mommy, I found a name for my little sister.” He informed cheerfully as he sat down beside me on the couch and rested his little hand on my belly.

“What is it?” I asked in curiosity and gave Troy a questioning look.

“Alexia. Please, can we name her Alexia? Daddy also liked it, but he told me we should ask your opinion too.”Alec said in excitement and looked at me with puppy eyes, waiting for my answer.

“What do you think? It is a beautiful name.” Troy commented, placing his hand in his pocket.

“Yes, it is so beautiful, and it also matches Alec’s name.” I commented honestly, smiling.

“Yay!” Alec exclaimed in happiness, raising his arms in the air.

“Do you like your name, my little girl?” I said softly, stroking my belly gently while wrapping my arm around Alec’s shoulder.

“Yes, she likes it.” Alec said while leaning his head against my belly and placed a soft kiss on my belly. I smiled, stroking my son’s hair gently. He was so excited to see his little sister. “I will tell Charlie too.” He added, excited and ran towards his puppy which Troy bought him a few days ago as Alec kept asking for a puppy non-stop. Yes, I should admit Troy was going to spoil him because he couldn’t resist our little imp at all.

As soon as Alec left, Troy sat down beside me on the couch and wrapped his arms around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him.

“How do you feel?” He asked, stroking my belly, and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

“We are fine. Don’t worry.” I replied and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

“Good. If you feel bad like this morning, just call me. I will come back immediately.” He stated firmly.

“It was just a cramp. The doctor said it was normal. Nothing to worry about.” I reassured him, stroking his cheek gently.

He nodded. “Then after the meeting dinner, I will go to see Nathan and come back as soon as possible. He asked me to meet up today; he wanted to ask something from me. It must be something important; his voice was so serious.”

“I hope nothing bad happened.”

“So do I.” He sighed, stroking my hair tenderly, and kissed my lips.

I closed the book when I noticed Alec was sleeping. I stood up carefully as I placed the book on the bedside table and stroked my son’s hair tenderly. Then I left his bedroom quietly and went to the kitchen as I felt thirsty.

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