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one m i l l i o n reads q&a!

thank you so much for a million reads! it’s completely bizarre. as promised, here’s a q&a to celebrate all of the support you guys have shown this story, and honestly, me in general. i received a lot of questions that were the same, or very similar, so i have combined quite a few of them. thank you again for a million reads!

q: out of all the books you’ve written, which is your favorite?a: i really enjoyed hot line. it was really light-hearted and fun. but i’m currently really, really enjoying writing when my shift ends. i’m probably the proudest of my writing with that story!

q: favorite band?a: i am absolutely horrible with picking favorites. but if i had to… the 1975, one direction, or marianas trench. those are my top three.

q: favorite color?a: i wear a lot of black. green reminds me of trees and trees remind me of home. i really like the color red, for no real reason other than just enjoying the color. again, i’m horrible with favorites lol. please forgive me.

q: favorite weather?a: the perfect day, weather-wise, would be a crisp autumn afternoon, where the sun is shining but you still need a jacket because it’s chilly out. that’s my perfect day. but i also really enjoy rainy grey days as well.

q: are you the shy type?a: yes and no. i’m kind of internally shy. i might talk to new people and seem confident enough in myself while doing so, but i could also be dying on the inside. it really depends how intimidating i find the person to be.

q: where do you live?a: seattle!

q: when are your books getting published?a: realistically, probably never haha. we’ll see though. maybe one day!

q: if tee hadn’t said she liked evan first, how long would it have taken evan to realize he liked tee?a: i think it would’ve taken him quite a bit to realize he really liked her, just because he sort of saw her as unattainable for so long. like, for a while he didn’t even think they’d ever be friends in person, let alone dating. but i’m sure he would’ve been smacked by reality sooner or later.

q: how did tee become a sex line operator? how do you even get hired for that?a: i imagine she saw an ad online or something and then did some research and decided it’d be good for her. i’m not 100% sure how the interview would go down… maybe you have to prove your skill… which makes me feel very… odd.

q: how do you come up with such great story ideas? what inspires you to write?a: i take inspiration from anything and everything. any time i have even a semblance of an idea, i make note of it and eventually try to find a way to use all these random ideas for my stories. most of my ideas get combined with other ideas i’ve had to create one massive idea. for example, when my shift ends was created when i wanted to write about a guy who worked in a graveyard, and a guy who had cancer. i just decided the story would be even better if the two ideas merged.

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