His Worst Behavior

Chapter Thirty-Two


“I’ve received word that they’re crossed onto my territory,” Roarke muttered, rubbing his hand up and down my spine. I was standing in the living room, staring out the wide window at the trees. I was about to face my biological parents, the people who gave me up, the people with horrible reputations. Roarke had warned me that they might not be warm or gentle – they were savages, unaccustomed to caring about anyone but themselves. “No casualties, yet.”

“They’ve come peacefully like I told them to,” I responded, folding my arms across my chest.

“I didn’t think they would listen,” he admitted, quietly. “Especially since they didn’t come alone.”

“They brought other wolves?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow. He nodded his head once. “Well, I guess my biological father is an Alpha and my biological mother is a Rogue leader – they wouldn’t risk coming alone, would they?”

“Not with your parents hating each other and knowing they’d be here together to negotiate,” he said, before taking a deep inhale of my scent. “Both of your parents are strong wolves and each other’s biggest threat. They know this, but they agree on one thing – you. Maybe that will save bloodshed today.”

“Why do they even care?” I grumbled, shaking my head. “They gave me up and now suddenly, they’re concerned about who I’m with?”

“We have no idea why they gave you up.”

“Still, they don’t have a say on who I’m with,” I responded, bitterly. “I don’t know them and they don’t know me. I asked them to come for answers. If they truly care, they will listen to me.”

Roarke was quiet for a moment. “Don’t be surprised if they don’t. They’re not used to taking orders from someone. They give the orders.”

“Not anymore.”

“Are you nervous?”

“No, I’m just fed up,” I told him, honestly. “I’m tired of being fought over, of being confused. I want to deal with this, then just live the rest of my life in peace.” He nodded his head again, keeping his arm around my waist. We stood there together in silence until my biological parents arrived, along with familiar faces. I watched as wolves filled the front lawn of the house, cautious and itching for blood. I spotted Weylyn standing with Rudy and Scarlett who were holding hands, lingering behind a large, dark-haired man.

I knew this man was my biological father. I could unfortunately see pieces of myself in him. He was intimidating like Roarke, tall and broad-shouldered. There was an aura about him, like he demanded respect from those who didn’t even follow him.

As for my biological mother, I assumed she was the petite brunette on the other side of the lawn. She didn’t appear friendly. She had war scars up and down her arms and she was dressed in dark clothing. Her feminine features reminded me a lot of mine, like her pointed nose and oval-shaped face.

When the petite brunette and the dark-haired man started bickering back and forth, creating tension between their followers, I sighed.

“I should go out there now, shouldn’t I?” I said, breaking the silence.

“Or, you could just let them kill each other,” Roarke said, half-joking. I nudged him with my elbow, then walked towards the front door, my heart racing.

As soon as I stepped out onto the porch, many heads turned and suddenly all eyes were on me. Bewilderment. Relief. Pride. Curiosity. These were the common expressions on everybody’s faces.

My eyes locked with Weylyn’s. He seemed – disappointed. His jaw hardened when Roarke stepped out onto the porch, right next to me.

Scarlett gave me a small nod.

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