His Replaced bride ✔

56 Always And Forever

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Abhimaan felt the sun rays on his face disturbing his sleep. He turned around hiding his face with his hand, with others he roamed beside his to check her. He felt the other side empty, he understood she must have woke up.

He didn’t want to wake up after being late last night. Last night at midnight, Samaira and their family made him cut the cake, waking up at the midnight. He felt childish when Arunima brought a birthday cap for him, he clearly denied but she played her Mom card and made him do everything that she wants. His mother still treats him like a kid, sometimes.

Samaira didn’t say anything the whole time, but she burst into laughter when they returned back to their room. He glared at her but seems he has lost his angry man role in front of her.

Why not??

He is a lovesick puppy now…in her love.

His slumber got disturbed again by the sound of something. He couldn’t understand but he liked this sound. He finally opened his eyes to get mesmerised by the beauty in front of her.

It’s his wife, standing in front of the mirror getting ready. Her hairs were still wet, and she was looking different. He noticed she has worn a light green coloured Saree. She was wearing her bangles, he realized that was the sweet sound. He closed his eyes when she turned to him suddenly.

He faked being in sleep still, he felt her coming closer to him. She sat beside him, he felt her soft lips on his cheek.

“Happy birthday, Husband.”

He smiled hearing her sweet and delighted voice. He opened his eyes and holds her by encircling her waist with his arm.

“You are looking so beautiful and elegant. I love this change.” He said about her look, he noticed she had applied sindoor and wearing her wedding chain also. Her finger has the ring which he gifted her, she always wears this. His first gift to her. Her lips were looking hot with her red lipstick, and her long jhumkas are completing her Indian attire.

“I brought this Saree from Mom, this is pretty. Right!!” She exclaimed her excitement. It was her first time to be getting ready like this. Generally, with her work, she doesn’t get the time and this very difficult to carry.

“Of course, it’s pretty because my wife is the prettiest. But, why so much work…” He asked her to sit properly.

“Mom said to go to some temple. She has arranged some pooja for us and for you, She wanted to thank God for everything.” Samaira told him, how Arunima has arranged everything. And this was the main reason that’s why they asked him to come.

Abhimaan nodded to her and got up to get ready. His mother is very strict about the time when it comes to God. He couldn’t afford to make her angry today.


Abhimaan was out all evening with his Dadu, they were doing some important work. He left immediately after the pooja and returned late.

The whole evening Samaira was waiting for him and excited and nervous about the night. She remembered what he said in her ear while going in the noon..” I can’t wait to explore my gift, tonight.”

Abhimaan came back and directly went to his room to meet his wife. He was excited to share something with her, he was sure she would love it. He opened the door of the room, called her name.

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