His Obsession

Chapter 6 - The Gasp



“ Where did you run to last night? I couldn’t find you! Do you know how worried I was?! ” Quinn grabbed my arms when I was trying to pull my textbooks out of the locker. Her face showed that she was worried and pissed off at the same time.

“ I’m sorry. I met an old friend of mine and I stayed over at her house for the night because it was too late to go back and my phone ran out of battery. I’m sorry, Quinn. “ I pouted and looked down on the floor. I did not know how to tell her that I’ve been spending the night at Colton’s house. She would definitely freak out. I cannot let anyone know about Colton and I, or Colton would never be able to finish his internship and he would get caught and be put in prison if someone finds out about it.

“ It’s alright. Just… don’t ever do that again. “ Quinn smiled weakly and we walked to our English class together.

Colton walked into the classroom with an expression showing as though he is ready to kill someone. Hmm…. Did something bad happen?

“ Please turn to page 289… “ Colton muttered with a cold expression. Last night, Colton told me all the adventures he had in Russia. He also told me that one day, he is going to inherit his grandfather’s position in the organisation as the CEO of The Global, which is the richest technology corporation in the country. I was overwhelmed by his sudden confession. Colton Zacarrelli, grandson of the richest man in the country – who wouldn’t want him. That is probably every girl’s dream. But that is just too much for me. I suddenly felt like I do not deserve Colton at all anymore. But I pushed that thought away because last night, it was all about Colton. He held me to sleep last night and he slept like a baby. This morning, I woke up early and realised I had to get home and get dressed up for my morning classes so I left his house, leaving him a small note beside him on the bed.

“ The class is dismissed now! “ Colton kind of yelled it out and everybody was already rushing out the classroom, including Quinn, Seth, Jaxon and I.

“ Miss Chandler, would you mind helping me carry all these books to my office? “ Colton suddenly blurted out when I stepped out of the classroom. Oh no… He called me by my surname. I’m in a big trouble. Jaxon turned back and gave me a what-did-you-do look. I shrugged and went back in.

“ Mr. Zac, I’m afraid Anna has a class to attend to now. So, I could carry em for you. “ Jaxon interrupted, trying to save me. But he doesn’t know….

“ Jaxon, please. You are dismissed. I have something I would like to discuss with Anna. “ Colton retorted, faking a huge smile on his smile. That is really really creepy. Jaxon nodded quietly and walked out of the classroom.

The room was filled with silence all of a sudden and it’s starting to freak me out. Colton took his marker pens and his file and went out of the classroom, leaving me and the books in the room. I quickly grabbed all the books and proceeded to his office.

“ Why did you leave? “ Colton asked, taking me by surprise and I immediately stopped whatever I was doing.

“ I had to go back and get dressed, I have morning classes today. “ I replied abruptly.

“ Well, you could at least tell me! Do you know how worried I was? “ He yelled softly at me.

“ I did. I wrote you a note and placed it beside you. “

“ You did? “ He looked dumbfounded. I just nodded quietly. He quickly pulled me into his embrace and started patting my head.

“ I’m sorry, love. I was worried because my woman disappeared when I woke up. I was upset. “ He apologized.

“ It’s alright, Colton. I get it. “ I grinned widely at him, trying to make him smile as well. He bent down and gave me an unexpected peck on the lips. I gasped and covered my mouth.

“ You can’t do that here! “ I hit his chest.

“ Why not? I miss you too much. “ He smirked. “ You’re blushing so much right now. “ He bent down, wanting to kiss me again but I turned away.

“ Look at me, Anna. “ He demanded with that deep and husky voice. “ Anna… “ He warned. I slowly looked up at his eyes and he immediately smashed his lips on mine. “ Open your mouth. “ He demanded again, licking my lips trying to gain access. He embraced me tighter, making me gasp and he took this opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth and caress my tongue.

Both of us were too engrossed in kissing each other and embracing each other that we couldn’t hear the gasp that came out of someone’s mouth at the door.

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