His not so beautiful wife


Ashton pov

“Son I have arranged everything, you are to marry this girl only..today you can meet her and get to know her”His father said with a finalized declaration.

“If she doesn’t match my standards …then what? I don’t want everyone to laugh at my choice of a wife…I have rejected proposals of the top models of NYC dad!”

“I was telling you, not asking you Son. I see my daughter in her and you will make her your wife no matter what!!”

I sighed and stormed out of the room.

What if she is breathtakingly beautiful..hmm well then I will think about my decision.

A few hours later………

I was sitting in the dining area of one of the top diners here and it’s been 20 minutes past the meeting time already. Talk about being punctual and valuing others’ time.

I hate such people and already I could feel burning hate beginning in my heart for her.

Elle Hamilton is her name and I have met her father before.He was a nice guy and I hope he has raised his third child well.

I was ready to get up and leave when I saw footsteps approaching me in haste from behind.

Before I could turn around to see I heard a rugged voice filled with desperation.

“I am so…sorry to keep you waiting!! I was caugh-“

Her steps halted and her words get lost as soon as her eyes fell on me.

“You!!”She screamed, exaggerating and calling for unwanted attention. Making people turn around and look at us.

Great!It has to be this ugly ducklingAny girl could have been better than her.

I sighed and looked at her once again to see if anything was likeable in her.

She continued speaking nonsense as I scrutinized her from top to bottom.

Dull brown hair which was not even completely straight and had knots in them.She didn’t even comb her hair today I thought.

Plain dark brown eyes with small eyelashes ….boring.

Her nose was again not perfectly shaped…I preferred sharp ones while her was on a bit wider side.

Next, her lips were moving nonstop blabbering about something.They surely were attractive.

They were a perfect size with the right lustre in them.Natural pink in colour they were an exception to her other features.

My gaze went further to take in her figure if anyone can call it that.I mean it was just bone and flesh.No curves.But her legs were surely long enough to be called attractive.

In total she was just average…not someone who you want to spare a second look at.

And not to forget her almost nonexisting manners and lack of etiquette.I bet she is as dumb as she portrays to be.

“I asked you a question, mister! I said I will not marry you! You get that! I already have a boyfrien-“

She was getting on my nerves….her voice was aggravating me and I detested this unnecessary chaos early in the morning.

I grabbed her arm strongly and pulled her along with me to a guest room in the hotel.

“You jerk! How dare you touch me!! You arrogant-“

Before she could complete I pushed her to the bed in the room and closed the door.

I haven’t even spoken one word till now and this maniac has uttered thousands.

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