His Nerd Next Door

Order In The Court

Fan Cover by @Karisdelong123

Julie’s pov:

As I start to feel myself waking up, I look at my clock.

Why in the world is it 6:00 at night?

But more of an important question, why did I fall asleep before 6:00 at night?



That’s 6 in the morning.

Why am I awake at 6 in the morning?

I roll back over to try to go back to sleep.

I feel like there was something very important I had to wake up for.

But I can’t remember.

Right before I’m about to drift off, my eyes go wide.


I look back at my clock…

The bus comes in 15 minutes!!!

“Hurry honey, or you’re gonna be l-“

Thanks mom, that would have been a little more helpful sooner.

I run around my room looking for something nice to wear on my first day.

Want to look nice.

Want to look nice.

Want to look… Wait why?

I put on my black skinny jeans and a super hero sweatshirt…

Because I’m cool like that.

A for amazingly good at not trying.

I think I might start a new fashion line.

It’s going to be called, ‘IDC’ for the I Don’t Care lining.

Featuring, sweatshirts, leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts and more!

Get it now at dollar general because that’s all I can afford.

Next, I go to my mirror and cringe at myself.

At least my hair is a naturally curly brown so I reluctantly didn’t  have to do much.

Now, I know what your thinking.

‘Nice curly hair? What is such thing you speak of?’

Well, somehow my crazy genes decide to do something good for me!

Meaning, they probably knew I would be too lazy to do my own hair so they helped out.

I brush my teeth before putting a little bit of mascara because it is indeed my first day of school.

But I know that for the rest of the time I’m here…. it’s a big no no.

Lastly, I put on my glasses and grab my book bag to catch the bus.

“Okay I got this, I can do it, no regrets.” I motivate myself.

I look down to see some freshman looking at me like I have just totally, officially, lost it.

“Heh… pep talk.” I say scrunching my face up in a weird way.

Pretty much my first interaction and I’m already failing at that. And what do they do?

They just look away.

I think I would have too.

“So…. do you like it here?” I ask.

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