His fake assistant

Sweet...too sweet (13)

“Some moments are like cotton candy. They’re wonderful and sweet, but you know they just won’t last.”


It has been one full weeks since I started to work for Mason.

Today is my day off of work and I’m going to enjoy it.

Yesterday I gave in and we ate in that fancy ass restaurant. Did I know what I ate?


I just ordered what Mason ordered, his fancy macaroni and cheese.

    That wealthy little brat.

I now know why they named the restaurant ‘The golden hour’. IT TOOK THEM LITERALLY HOURS TO MAKE IT.

    I just cannot.

In that hour we sat there with each other, you would think it was an awkward silence.

    But NAH!

We sat there, him insisting me to talk about my life and what I like. It was actually very enchanting.

Mason also told me a bit about him, making me smile thinking about that. He told me that he loved to drink a whole pack of orange juice from the bottle without pouring it in a glass.

I laughed so hard, even now thinking about it. Mason William has a naughty sight.

I really enjoy his company and it seems like we’re getting closer and closer each day. It seems like my heart is beating faster every time he’s close to me or even by the slightest thought of him.

My thoughts are completely filled with him.

    Am I getting crazy?


I open my book that I’ve packed with me from my farm, ‘lyrebird’ from Cecelia Ahern. It’s actually my fifth time reading it.

My phone rings after 50 minutes of reading. I go up to the table and pick up:”Hello, Faye here.”

“Good morning, princess”, a smooth velvety voice greets me.

This voice can only belong to one person. So delicious as it seems. My heart pounds instantly faster.

“Hi, Mason”, my voice only comes out as a mere whisper.

“What are you doing today, princess?”

Yeah, what am I doing?

“Nothing”, I reply casually.

    Play it cool, play it cool about not having a life.

    “Well, that’s great, no, excellent”, he rejoices. “I want to bring you somewhere, be ready. I’ll come in 30 minutes.”

And this is how I died.

Just kidding.


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