Junoon Prologue

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Zara Siddiqui

Salaar Hussain Sikander

جنون – Junoon : Madness, Insanity, Obsession

||Dil tumhara hai humesha tumhara hi hoga

Kon kehta he mujhe ishq dubara hoga||


“You won the bet, what do you want now?”  Zara said while rolling her eyes.

“Marry me. Mere sath shadi krlo.” Salaar said in all seriousness. He had wanted to ask her for a long time now. 

“Urdu men batane ki zaroorat nahi thi, mujhe English aati he. Aur wese tum kitne maaze ke mazak krte ho.” Zara said while laughing a little. She calmed down after realizing that Salaar was serious. (You didn’t have to say it in Urdu too, I understand English just fine. And you make really good jokes sometimes.)

“I’m serious Zara.” Salaar said taking strides towards her. She realized he was actually really serious. “Oh..”  Zara managed to get only that out of her mouth. She was confused and did not expect this. 



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