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A Vampire’s Pet has over 3 MILLION readers.

That’s just out of this world, honestly, it’s so way beyond what I expected when I wrote it back in 2012… I’ve come so far and my family’s only been growing since day 1! You’ve been there with me through all of this, update after update, and no matter how many days-weeks-months it might’ve taken between them, you stayed!

I’ve thanked you lovelies maybe a hundred times already, but I can’t do it enough; cause I literally wouldn’t have been here with 3M readers if it wasn’t for you guys!!

That’s the first thing I wanted to update about, the second is;

I’m still rewriting this book, you’ll find it as A Vampire’s Pet (rewritten) on my page. It has more details, added scenes and extra chapters in it, so be sure to check it out as well!

Also A Vampire’s Child is coming to an end, I’m think there are 5 chapters left tops. And An Unlikely Match is currently further into the story than AVC, so I either have to post a chapter with spoilers in it or wait until I’ve published a certain chapter of AVC. It isn’t a massive spoiler, but it’s one people have been waiting for actually. Which one should I do, let me know; Spoiler chapter or wait?

Plus – if you haven’t heard it yet – Nick’s getting his own story, BUT I’m not coming out with a publishing date yet. I put up a small teaser of it in A Vampire’s Child though, it’s gonna be about his life before and after turning into a vampire. You see, our precious Nicky isn’t as vulnerable as he might seem *evil chuckle*. What I am giving you is the name and that’s The Damned, which I also have a temporary cover for. If any of you have covers or fanart or whatever, send me them anywhere on the social media below. Or if you’re aching to know stuff about me and my books, just as away!

Instagram – akdidntdoit Twitter – akdidntdoit Tumblr – akdidntdoit Snapchat – multieyes

That’s that for today, I’m hoping you guys are doing great and that Halloween will be awesome for you all when it comes!!

Stay safe and sound lovelies, mama loves ya

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