Her Flames (Zuko X Reader)

Chapter Thirty Two; Jasmine Flower

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Zuko tried not to scream when he opened his eyes and the first thing he saw were two large slitted yellow eyes staring down at him.

He found himself on a stack of hay, similar to a large birds nest, with a large white dragon sitting next to him and staring at him with an almost curious glimmer in its eyes.

It was Hisashi. He knew it.

Not sure if he should say anything at all, he stayed utterly quiet and still, as if that would make the large fire breathing creature go away.

Hisashu watched him, unblinking, and did not move a muscle.

He’d never seen a dragon in his life, he’d only heard stories of it; of how majestic and beautiful they were and now here he was sleeping right next to one.

It was as large as a house but it still looked young somehow, as if it could possible grow larger. It’s fur was soft and pure white from its belly to it’s spine but as it reached further up the white blended into a light yellow and orange at the very tips. It was a strange color on a dragon as he had read they were mostly pure colored.

Swallowing, he shifted a bit and the dragon stood up. Zuko paused, holding his breath. He could feel the heat from the dragons breath and the last thing he wanted was to set it off.

Hisashi stared at him once more pointedly, as if telling him not to move an inch, before turning and walking away.

When he disappeared into the darker parts of the cave, Zuko released a long breath.

He took this opportunity to long breath as his thoughts wandered, going over what had happened before he blacked out. The last thing he heard was Azula screaming. He frowned, that was the most concern she’d ever shown over him. She had also pushed him away from the flames when he tried to reach (Y/N)-

His eyes widened and he jolted up.


Looking around frantically he saw that he was alone in the cave. There was an opening on his left where light streamed in from the outside. He could tell it was bright and sunny outside because of the amount of light seeping into the cave.

To his right the cave extended inwards, where Hisashi had disappeared into. It was dark and he didn’t want to know what was in there.

It was odd how the area looked like a makeshift home. The stack of hay he slept on was in a neat circle four times his size; big enough to fit Hisashi, there was a large clay bowl to the left filled with water and little strange golden fishes. Against the wall there were red streaks; all color left his face.


He stood up to get a closer look. The red streaks weren’t dark at all but light, so light red it couldn’t possibly be blood.


His eyebrows shot up in surprise. It was paint. But how did paint get on the wall of a cave?

It didn’t make any sense to him at all. He took several steps back until he was against the wall next to the hay bed. Then he saw it as clear as day.

The red streaks weren’t random at all. He couldn’t believe his eyes; it looked like a drawing of a little dragon with what looked like a small figure curled up against its belly.

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