Her Fighter✔

Chapter 20 (final)

Emily’s POV

I’m so nervous. I think I’m not gonna make it to the altar. I saw my dad approaching me with big grin but I could see sadness in his eyes.

”My little girl is getting married.” He said.”Dad if I start crying, I will ruin my makeup.” ”Sorry. I just can’t believe that the day when I’m going to let my little girl go, has come.””Dad, I will live in this city. We won’t be far away.””I know.” He kissed my forehead.”If he hurts you, I’ll teach him a lesson.” I chuckle at him.”Don’t worry. I can teach him a lesson too.” He smiled at me and gave me his arm. I locked my arm with his and started going in the church.

The music started once we stepped in. I was to the altar with my dad as people turned around to look at us.

I soon saw Noah waiting next to a priest and Luke is next to him. When Noah noticed me he started crying and covered his face with one hand. I smiled at his cuteness. I know how he feels. We were separated for a long time and now we will be together forever.

My dad released my arm and kissed my forehead. I gave the bouquet to Leah and turned to look at Noah. He had red eyes from crying but he was smiling beautifully.

After intro speach time has come when we say ‘I do’.””Do you Noah take Emily as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” ”I do.” Noah answered grinning.

“Do you Emily take Noah as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?””I do.” I say without hesitation.

We exchanged our ring with giving each other promises.

”Go now in peace and live in love, sharing the most precious gifts you have – the gifts of your lives united. And may your days be long on this earth. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” Priest said the last word.

Noah leaned in and gave me soft kiss.”I love you.” He whispered.”I love you too.” I smiled.

People in church clapped and I saw my mom with tissue in her hand while dad was nudging her arm to stop crying. I chuckled at the two of them and Noah took my hand leading me out of the church.

Black car decorated with wedding flowers was waiting for us. Car drove off to reception hall where the guest were. What can I say? Everything was perfect.

My parents came before us and we greeted some of our guests. Soon we cut a cake. I personally chose a cake. It was white with pink flowers as decoration.

The band called us to have a first dance. Noah took my hand and lead me on a stage. He put his arms around my waist after I put mine around his neck. He kissed me softly.

”I finally have you with me.” He said, leaning his forehead on mine. I chuckled at him.”You look beautiful today.””Thank you. You are handsome too.” He smiled.

We were dancing until song finished then my dad wanted to dance with me. He was so happy for me. I will always be his little girl he always spoiled. It will be a little weird without them in the house but I will always visit them.

They will have grandchildren one day. I can’t believe I’ll be a mom someday. I’m excited to start a family with Noah. He will be a great dad and I hope I’ll be a good mom too.

It was already late as I watched the hall slowly emptying. Leah and Sarah came to congratulate us and left. The same Luke did.My parents and we left at the same time. I already moved my things in Noah’s apartment.

I was dead tired when we came home. Home? That sounds nice. I kicked my hills when we came into the room. Noah came behind me and kissed my neck slowly. He unzipped my dress slowly until it fell down. He turned me around and kissed me slowly.

”Can I make love to my babygirl?” He asked me softly.”Yes Daddy.” I answer kissing him.He smiled and put me on a bed.


In the morning I was feeling as if trunk hit me. My body was aching, especially my hips. Noah was sleeping next to me on his stomach with an arm on my belly. I removed his hand and kissed his temple before I got up to take a shower.

I put my underwear and Noah’s hoodie on me as it reached my knees. I went in the kitchen to make a breakfast for us. My stomach rumbled at the thought of food.

I made us scrambled eggs and bacon. Just tipical breakfast. When I put everything on a plates, Noah came out in sweatpants. I think he got bigger since his police academy. He kissed my cheek and sat on a chair. I took cutlery and set it down. He pulled me to sit on his lap like always. I was so hungry that I ate everything on a plate.

After I washed the dishes, we sat on the couch. I sat on his lap as he stroked my bare legs.

”Does it hurt you baby?” ”My hips a little.”He pulled the hem of the hoodie up and kissed my hip. He stroked it slowly then moved to my butt.

”Where do you want to go for a honeymoon?””I don’t know. What did you think about it?” I ask him.”We can go to Canada if you want.””That will be awesome.” I grinned.

”I have also good news.” ”What is it?””I got a job in town’s police station as officer. I will start working at the beggining of next month.” ”Oh my God! That’s great.” I smiled and kissed him.”I knew you’ll succeed. Congratulations!” ”Thank you baby.””I love you Daddy.” I smile.”I love you too babygirl.” He kissed me hungrily.

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