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(2K Followers Special Questionnaire Answers)

A/N: The moment of truth has arrived, readers, are you ready for the questions to be answered?, I sure am, but first, let’s look at the statistics

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Let’s check our answers, shall we?

Question 1:

In what month did Fuku join Wattpad?

A. MarchB. FebruaryC. NovemberD. October

Answer: D. October

Question 2:

In “Male Reader X Female Various” who is the main monster girl in River Monster?

A. JewelB. MakoC. HeruD. Sue

Answer: B. Mako

Question 3:

In “The Kid And The Hellhound” which Hellhound was able to turn invisible?

A. HeruB. HeraC. AliceD. Hilda

Answer: D. Hilda

Question 4:

In “My Neighbors Are Monster Girls” who was the first female that Y/N met?

A. ElenaB. CheshireC. HomaD. Wanda

Answer: A. Elena

Question 5:

In “My Neighbors are Monster Girls” who did Y/N nicknamed “Cheeky Chipmunk”?

A. CheshireB. HazelC. ToraD. Nascha

Answer: B. Hazel

Question 6:

In “GENESIS” who is the older sister of Genesis?

A. GinaB. GretaC. GenocideD. None of the above

Answer: C. Genocide

Question 7:

In “GENESIS” Who is the leader of Y/N’s team?

A. Y/NB. SwiftC. AmberD. Adolph

Answer: D. Adolph

Question 8:

In “Mission: Save Hell?” Who is the first demon that joined Y/N’s team?

A. Queen ValentineB. FelinaC. MachinaD. Kira

Answer: B. Felina

Question 9:

In “Male Reader X Female Various” What happened in Kitty Kitty Part 2?

A. Y/N banged his bossB. Y/N adopted 4 more cat girlsC. Beat up a home intruderD. All of the above

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