"Hello?" Pt. 1

Engament Ring

Unedited, so if you spot mistakes, let me know. I don’t really have an A/N tonight. So, yeah… hope you like it. It’s from Daniel’s POV, by the way.

Sarah xx


“Why are you still here?” Evelyn asked me accusingly, raising an eyebrow at me as she entered my office. Her arms were folded over her chest and she was giving me that matronly look that always made me squirm under her gaze. “You’re supposed to be in Amesbury, Daniel. What if your grandmother called, huh? What would I say to her, because if you think I’m going to take your side over that battleaxe, then you are thoroughly mistaken. Now, turn that computer off and get going!”

I was working a half day today. Considering it was Saturday and I had won a major settlement case this week, my boss had decided to reward me with a weekend off, although I insisted on coming in this morning so I could finalise some paperwork. It should have only take a few minutes to do- half an hour maximum- but a visit from Clara Donaldson had completely thrown me off track.

She’d turned up randomly, making the most of the fact that Evelyn was away from her desk at the time. When she waltzed into the office and flirtatiously made herself at home in the chair opposite me, her shirt dangerously unbuttoned more than was appropriate, I knew I’d be in trouble. Evelyn has been trying to monitor just how much time Clara spends in my company and if it goes on for longer than twenty minutes, she’ll not so subtly come to the door and drag me away. I couldn’t thank Evelyn enough for all the times she’s saved me.

At the beginning, Clara’s attention was rather flattering. I mean, she’s a very pretty girl and she’s fiercely intelligent, but her advances have become a little more than I can handle. The way she would smile at me, make suggestive comments, or the way her hand would linger on my forearm in the staff refectory, it was all too much. I wasn’t the least bit interested and I was close to snapping and telling her that. In the meantime, Evelyn was my bodyguard, which I’m aware sounds rather pathetic. 

When Evelyn had returned from the mail room and saw Clara in my office, her pencil skirt riding high on her thigh, she stormed in and bluntly told Clara to leave. There was no explanation, just a simple ‘Get out,’ and that was that. I didn’t miss the glare Evelyn threw my way s she exited and escorted Clara to the lift. It’s the same glare she’s levelling on my now.

“Seriously, Daniel,” her voice becomes sterner the longer I’m sat at my desk. After another minute passes, Evelyn rounds the desk, pushes my chair out of the way and starts tapping away at the computer. She saves the document I was working on, closes down the applications and selects shut down. When the screen fades to black, Evelyn stands upright, sending a triumphant smile my way. “There, you’re done for the weekend. Now, do I have to ask you again to leave?”

“No,” I huff, pushing myself up from the chair and grabbing my things. Patting the pocket of my jeans, I make sure that I have my phone and wallet, and the car keys in my hand. “Right, I’m going. See, I’m even walking towards the door.”

“Am I supposed to be impressed by that?” Evelyn cuttingly asks, her voice monotone. I roll my eyes at her words but still pull her into a warm hug. When I let her go and start walking the hallway to the lifts, I hear Evelyn’s footsteps behind, trying to catch up with my long strides. “Wait a second.” I pause and turn, seeing Evelyn practically jogging in her heels. It looked dangerous, considering we have carpets throughout this floor. When she’s within five feet of me, Evelyn stops trotting and instead stands still, a smile on her face. “I saw that article on your computer, by the way. The one Sophie Clément from Vogue emailed through to you.”

“Snooping again?” My voice was slightly amused, which masked the annoyance perfectly. I hated it when Evelyn went through my things, especially my mail and emails. Talk about invasion of privacy. “What about it?”

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