He Loves Me (Curves and All) *COMPL...

He Loves Me

Luna Rose comes from a wealthy family with her parents and two older sisters, Celeste and Angel. Unlike her sisters who are slender and beautiful, Luna is average looking and a bit on the chubbier side.

One night at a house party, Luna is briefly introduced to Grayson; a young man whom Luna immediately assumes could never be interested in her.

Grayson is every girl’s dream guy: tall, handsome, and wealthy. Luna has already made a conclusion that he is out of her league, but how will she react when she is presented with the idea that the perfect guy might be interested in her?


SO… I have FINALLY began writing a new story. It stemmed from a recently recalled true event; I wanted to have fun with the ‘what if’ of that situation and thus CRUSH was created. I hope you find it to be light and fun. I honestly want to have fun with this story and make it as cheesy and cliche as possible!!! Don’t be surprised if she falls and he catches her 100 times throughout the story LOL!!! I am really enjoying writing this story so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you!!!


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