Hawks x Fem Reader Part 2

Alien part 4 🍋

No feathers. At no point did I even catch a glimpse of one all day. It made me worry. I practically ran with the tray in hand to check on him.

When the door opened he wasn’t sitting in the chair. I set the food down trying to peer into the darkness, “Keigo?”

A groan emanated from the darkness.

“Please tell me you’re ok?”

“Fine… just fine”

I decide to head towards his voice and hope my eyes adjust. I catch a glimpse of the shine of his eyes and crouch next to him, “Why are you on the ground?”

“I feel like shit is why. My cycle is killing me”

“Its that bad?”

“Without help…its just so hard to get my body to react accordingly”

He’s got me so worried today. When I didn’t see his feathers I KNEW something was wrong. As my eyes adjusted I could start to make him out in the darkness. His face is twisted in a look of pain as he holds his stomach.


“Just leave me be alright?” He hissed

“I…I want to help”

He looked at me confused, “You said you didn’t want to move beyond friends?”

“I said I need to think about it”


I huff. It’s been on my mind since yesterday. Keigo has been my friend all these months. Making friends on this ship seemed impossible. I was mostly known as the fetching girl they put on odd jobs. Thus why I got the job to feed him.

It was meeting him that made being on this ship liveable. He makes me laugh and smile. I nod slowly, “I think I can pursue something more-“

“This is a BIG decision. I need a yes or no” He urged

“Yes” I affirm

He stumbled to his feet serious, “Promise?”

I stood with him nodding, “Yeah. I like you keigo”

“Are you willing to do this?” He grabbed my shoulders shaking me lightly

“How many times do I need to say yes?” I roll my eyes

He suddenly moves me to pin me to the wall with far more force than I expected, “I wanna hear you screaming it”

Not as if he would even give me a chance to respond when lips crashed into mine. Nimble fingers worked at my clothing until it was just a pile next to us.

His kisses were hot and heavy. Though his movements were desperate they were careful. What I image would be like when a lover returns home from a long trip.

“This is going to be a long process and could cause some minor pain” he kissed me again, “Im trying to make sure you don’t feel any pain. I’m going to start slow”

Its so dark I can’t hardly see anything. All I can really back out is his eyes in the darkness. Hands lift my thighs around his waist before something pokes at my entrance.

This is really happening? It’s all happening so fast though. I swear to God I had better not go down as the first woman to fuck an alien in the history books.

His lips distracted me best they could as he entered. The discomfort from his size was only momentary. Though I guess I hadn’t realised how wet I was. I feel hot and bothered more than I should. A thick haze clouded and relaxed my mind

It clicks in my head. His saliva. I had nearly forgotten its properties. I forget how he explained it but it works in weird ways. He said it makes things easier.

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