Goody Two Shoes #Wattys2017

"As Long As You Are Near"

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Yet suddenly the door flew open. Two kids, a girl and a boy ran and jumped on Sophia hugging her. Then two women in their late twenties , their mothers I suppose, joined us walking into the room.

“We are sorry. They just miss her.” the blond one spoke and I nodded at her 

“Bree, joe and my cousins Harper and Elisabeth” my wife introduced as the kids’giggles started to calm

“Hi, I am Axel.” I introduced myself guessing that they know nothing about me as I never talked to any of Sophia’s relatives. I saw them once on the wedding day and then avoided them for two long years. I never joined their family gatherings, never went on their summer family vacations. I am a total stranger to most of them as they are to me.

“We know.” Harper spoke and went to pick Bree up from Sophia’s lap

“So what changed this time?” Elisabeth bluntly asked glaring at me

“I kind of told them, last night.” Sophia hushed at me “I had to. They are closer than Mitchell to me and I knew that they will discover our fake relation sooner or later.” she continued and hid her face behind a curtain of black hair

“We were shocked to know that she kept such a truth from us. We tell each other everything. She said that she didn’t want us to pity her. We were angry because she hid the truth from us. We are still a bit angry but we are trying to understand her position. Yet what we don’t get is why you are here?” Elisabeth fired again and her blue eyes were full of anger and hatred.

“I am here for her. She is my friend too. She helped me when needed and I must help her when she needs me.” I defended but Elisabeth’s glare didn’t fade.

“Friend…” Harper said in a hostile manner “Sophie we are going out in an hour if you want you can join us.” she continued and my wife nodded at her

“Girls, he is truly changing.” my wife promised talking about me and her positive attitude of me made me smile proudly. Every word out of Sophia’s mouth seem to have a major impact on me lately.

“I am trying.” I promised too and my hand sneaked its way around Sophia’s shoulders

“We will see about that.” Elisabeth spoke and then picked Joe leaving me alone with Sophia.

“They hate me just like Ava.” I commented in frustration. I was never hated. I was either feared or loved. Yet what about Sophia did she hate me too before ? ” Did you ever truly hate me?” I asked still hugging her close to me and I felt her freezing. 

“Why would you ask that?” she questioned back and gazed at me with those big green eyes of hers.

“Just a question.” I answered but deep down I truly wanted to know

“I would be a liar to say that I liked you. However I didn’t hate you. You were a mere arrogant stranger to me. I never considered your existence that much. I kept on living my life as if I just changed places. You never seemed to be around so I ignored the idea of having a husband. Don’t get me wrong I never broke my vows but I never thought of talking to you or of growing an interest in you. I disliked your behavior at certain points. When you called me mean nicknames to please Liza for example. But I don’t fight fire with fire so I ignored you until you stopped finding those nicknames funny. I would have appreciated if you stood up for me when Liza bullied me but you just seemed to ignore me so I did the same…I ignored you. You used to mean truly nothing to me.” Sophia spoke bluntly while her orbs kept on studying my reaction. 

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