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Q U E S T I O N S ➢ A N S W E R S

questions and answers: thank ya to everyone who asked me questions : ))


SugarCubes4and Ughbrie

ASKED: How did you feel while writing this?

ANSWER: honestly, i felt a whole bunch of emotions while writing this. sometimes, i would come home and just want to write. sometimes, while not feeling up to my usual mood, i’d write my feelings away. sometimes, i was in the happiest mood ever and would write. i definitely used my emotions to channel my writing.


ASKED: Can I please marry Xavier? Pretty please???

ANSWER: this actually made my day oh my gosh x)


ASKED AMBER: Favourite ice cream flavour?

(laughing bc i didn’t think amber would actually get questions)

ANSWER: “mint chocolate chip, for sure.”


ASKED XAVIER: Xavier, do you think you’ll fall in love with a certain someone in England?? Or are you just gonna focus on school?? Just let it happen??

ANSWER: “maybe i’ll uh, fall in love with all the new food i’ll try in england…that sounds pretty good to me?”


ASKED GENEVIEVE: Genevieve, what made you such an openly kind and compassionate person (to reach out to Marshall)?? Did you ever consider giving up on Marshall? First impressions of Marshall??

ANSWER: “when my parents divorced, i pushed everyone away but also kind of really wanted someone at the same time. marshall trying to distance himself made me want to help him even more -if anything. first impression, uh,” she laughs, “i was really confused and creeped out since some random person was texting me and wouldn’t tell me who it was, but getting to know him, he was,” she pauses, “enigmatic.”


ASKED: Does Marshall dislike Xavier because Xavier possibly has feelings for Gennie?

ANSWER: xavier never told anyone about his feelings for gennie. it was something he kept to himself.


ASKED: Why did Marshall reach out to Gennie from the beginning?

ANSWER: marshall subconsciously was reaching out to gennie because he was hurting (from the death of his brother, jude) and thought that he could befriend someone that didn’t know him -or his past from the safety of a screen (texting).


ANSWER: Where can i order Xavier?

ANSWER: he’s available on ebae!! // order now, before we run out!!! ; ))


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