Ghoul/papa Oneshots. preferences An...


(My deadass posted this on the wrong book lmao)

Rain was a priest back before he was a ghoul.

Mountain can play guitar and keyboard just aswel as the drums

Sodo calls Aether banana whore because sodo claims “Aether loves bananas so much he may aswel just fuck one”

Copia and terzo went to the same school growing up and saw eachother as friends, until terzo got omega summoned from hell and would pay no attention to copia, they soon became distant

Rain gets ashamed when he gets horny

Swiss has dreads in all the books I write (I fucking love his dreads omd)

Cirrus and Cumulus are girlfriends and often let Sunshine join in on their ‘activities’

Sunshine has 1 piercing and its a nose piercing

Swiss is a heavy sleeper, if someone was being murdered he’d sleep though it

Copia does flappy hands when he excited (i think it’s called stimming or smth like that)

Copia also has a rat named cheerio

When Rain was summoned he was extremely quiet and sensitive, he is still quiet and sensitive but not as much

Cirrus once got high with swiss and ate a whole packet on carrots and dip (munchies Lmao)

Sodo is always horny

Sodo also despises swimming

Rain has a power where he can 1 control movements of water with his hands (if that makes sense.) And can breathe underwater for 10 minutes longer then any other ghouls

Ghouls don’t need to eat, breathe or even sleep but the ghouls of the ministry do it because its what they have been used to since summoned

Sister has once hit copia round the face and felt horrible when he ran off in tears (might make that into a chapter you’ll never know)

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