get you | jungwon



ㅤGet Youㅤ


The wind is cool today, yet the sun gives a vibrant warmth, giving the perfect weather for the two love birds, who filled the whole living room with laughter.

So much time has gone by, and there were many things that happened. But no matter the obstacle, both Jungwon and Hani remained together.

If anything— It only made their bonds stronger. The two have been quite inseparable. Shortly after the indirect confession written in blue post-its, Jungwon figured that Hani wouldn’t mind getting asked out. So, he did.

And his devotion bore into the young lover he is to the charming girl.

“Ni-ki must’ve been upset that you took the banana milk. I didn’t have any because it was out of stock in our cafeteria that time!” Hani snorted, catching her breath but immediately losing it too as she just couldn’t contain her laugh.

“Yeah, he wouldn’t stop bothering me to pay for his drinks for the whole week.” Jungwon chuckled, his sparkly eyes hiding in his now-crescent shaped eyelids.

Ting! The oven light ceases as its timer runs out.

“Wait, I’ll just go get the cupcakes from the oven.” Hani says before standing up and withdrawing her hands from Jungwon, but the latter protested by locking their intertwined hands together.

“Noo, those can wait. Don’t leave, even for a second.” Jungwon whines, laying down on the couch all of a sudden and almost taking Hani with him. However, the girl only chuckled and insisted.

“We still have to cool them down in the rack so we can ice them down, Wonnie.” She says softly before venturing towards the kitchen, where she wore the thick yellow kitchen mitts.

She then opened the oven and proceeded to carefully put the tray of freshly baked cupcakes, opting to settle them down right beside the icing bags they prepared beforehand.

The sweet scent of vanilla mixed with the scrumptious aroma of red velvet filled the air. The smell was quite nostalgic, and it brought a certain memory to Hani’s mind.

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