The Guy Nextdoor.

I came pulling in my driveway as my car had a quiet thump, thump, thump from the bass of my music. A louder thump, thump, thump came from inside his house.

Him. The viking-esque sex God next door. I rolled my eyes and quickly maneuvered myself to get out of the car. Why waste time drooling over guys who are clearly my own fathers’ age? I did not have ‘daddy’ issues if that’s what you’re thinking. I guess I just had some sort of special feeling for this one in particular.

A few hours went by as it got very dark. I forgot it was garbage day tomorrow,  so I ran outside in my snug sleeping shorts and my thin-strap tank top. My chest bounced as I shuffled down the stairs. Pulling the garbage dow,  I noticed movement by his window.

The thought of him secretly watching me made me so wet. I debated if I should give a little show, just to see. I grabbed the top of my tank top and quickly flashed the,  and gave a little grope.

Walking back up to go inside, I got shoved into the door with my hard nipples pressed tightly against the cold glass. A hard object pushed against my lower back. A sigh escaped my lips. A hand gripped the back of my head and turned it towards them.

“Get in my house right now,” he demanded quietly as his hardness stung my bottom.

I scurried over to his house and stepped in. Before I knew it, I got tripped and fell. I wiggled and tried to get up,  but I couldn’t. He was behind me with his foot on my back. He started to laugh.

“You wanna be a little slut, don’t you?”, he said as he flipped me over and ripped off all my clothing.

I lay there, on his dining room floor, spread eagle, as my slick cunt was leaking primal juices on to the floor.

“Oh yes, look at how desperate you are for my thick cock”, he chuckled.

He slapped his dick across my face as I opened my mouth ready to suck. He quickly placed it in while I gently wrapped my lips around his girth. He grabbed my skull with both hands and used me exactly how he wanted. I almost came just from how fucking turned on I was.

He dropped down and began to spread his ass. I excitedly shoved my face in between and eagerly licked as if I was a bitch and he was my owner. I reached up and stroked him over and over. He gently shook and made raw noises. I sucked his balls while one hand jerked him off and the other fingered his asshole. He quickly pulled away with a dissatisfied grunt.

He had fire in his eyes. He pinned me to the wall and raised my arms clasped together above my head. He spread my legs and tugged my swollen clit. I twitched at the direct contact. It was rough. It was fucking sexy. He shoved 1, then 2, then 3 fingers in my hole. I threw my head back and moaned so loud he punished me by slapping my large tits.

I bucked my sex deeper into his hand. He shook my whole body as he finger fucked me without breaking eye contact. I came incredibly hard all over him as my pussy juice slicked his arm. He slowly pulled out of me while I licked my own taste off his hand.

He inserted himself into my snug private. I rocked my body tight against his while we  both fucked each other till we screamed out in pleasure of each others fucking. We eventually slowed and I quickly left. He had happily fallen asleep before he could even notice.

The next day he knocked on my door. I opened it, while in the nude. He made his way from my hair, to my pouting lips, to my perky red nipples, to my curvy tummy, to my fully shaven cunt, and to my soft and smooth feet. He bit his lip as he gawked.

“Fuck me,” I said.

He got on his knees in the doorway and began to rapidly suck my sex.

The End.For now😘.

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