[fluff] blackpink x femreader

chaelisa | let's dance

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You were watching Blackpink practice for their tour. More specifically, you were watching Lisa and Rosé dance. The flashing lights on the stage only made them look more angelic and you couldn’t be more proud of them. They were currently practicing Pink Venom, their opening song. Watching your girls dance on stage made you think back to your own childhood, where you would jump on your bed and sing to your favorite artist. 

Getting caught up in your thoughts, you started to tap to the blackpink song, you stood up from your chair and began to dance to the Pink Venom choreography. Of course, you weren’t trained or anything, but your movement caught the eyes of Rosé, who informed the other girls about a little performance going on in the back corner. Lisa laughed out loud and told the cameraman to point the camera towards you. 

“Baby!!” Rosé’s voice snapped you out of your dance. “I didn’t know that you could dance. It’s definitely a bonus.” She winked at you and walked off stage.

“Lisa would be proud.” She said pridefully. 

“Babe…” Lisa showed up behind Rosé with a shocked expression. “If I knew you could dance like that, I would’ve taught you all the choreographies by now.”

You laughed at how silly they were being. “Guys it’s no big deal. You see me dance all the time.”

“Yea, but not like that. That was like seriously hot babe.” Lisa replied, grabbing you by the hips. She carried you up and twirled you like a princess.

“I should dance more if it means I get this much attention from you guys.” You laughed.

“Oh, we definitely wouldn’t mind,” said Rosé.

You saw the camera pointed at you and immediately got embarrassed. “Ugh- yea speaking of which. I’m gonna grab something from somewhere. Be back soon.” And with that, you ran out of the stadium and into the green room.

“She’s so cute.” Lisa said.

“I agree. We should totally convince her to dance for us when we get home and secretly record her. She could actually see how talented she is. Or…you know we can use it as blackmail when we want more cuddles from her.”

“You’re right. We can threaten to post it online or something. Well, I think our plan is sealed partner. Do we have a deal?” Lisa said.

“Yes, we have a deal. We shall start our prank when we get home!” Rosé spoke with her index finger pointed up. They laughed at their childish behavior, but they were excited to spend the rest of the night with you, knowing what’s coming next.

Word Count: 438

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