Fix Me (Sophie and Keefe)

Another Requested

Hey! I’m sorry for not updating in so long – I actually made a new account long ago. I won’t disclose the other account because I feel like doing so is advertising myself, and I hate doing that. If you want though, I can tell you in private.

I’ll explain myself a little first, because all of you deserve an explanation. 

I can try to use the excuses of busy schedules and school and homework and whatnot, but the thing is honestly I had zero motivation. On top of that, I made another account where I started writing drafts of my original books, and they caught my attention and kept it.

As well as this, I feel like my writing was terrible. Looking at these one shots, they’re nothing more than average and although some of the ideas I had were good, the writing ruined it all. I know some of you actually like my writing and will defend my nonexistent honor, but this is from an academic and personal point of view. 

These past few months, I’ve started reading more “Sophiesticated” books and tried to improve my writing by looking at other writers and books that I have cherished as heavenly. They really helped me a lot, and I feel like I’m a much better writer now. 

That’s partly why I made a new account and purposely told none of my friends or any of you about it. I wanted to start fresh. I didn’t want to be the girl who got a ton of views but not many votes. So I started anew as I had planned, and honestly I love my new account. 

I only have one follower and none of my books are published yet, but ultimately, I’m thinking of just forgetting about this account.

But before I give up on this, I’m going to release a few new chapters that focus on not only Keefe and Sophie, but the other characters as well.

Anyways, upon returning to this account I realized that the number of followers increased drastically, and I want to thank everyone so much for that. One of the first chapters I looked back at since coming back was the requested one shot of Dex and Fitz.

Honestly I didn’t think people would like it much, but someone even asked me to write another Dex and Fitz story, so I decided to comply. Your prompt will be here, kinda 😀 Here are a few scenes of Dex and Fitz during their adventures – with a little bit of the side ships.

NOTE: This was written without me reading the sixth book. I apologize for any information I got incorrect.

Scene I

There are a few moments throughout the day when Dex truly, sincerely regrets ever being pulled into the never ending drama that seems to surround Sophie wherever she goes, and now is one of them.

Watching in slight exasperation and slight wonder at the fact that the blonde hasn’t been caught yet, he gives up on trying make Keefe see sense and just sighs, leaning his back against the door.

It’s only a matter of seconds before the dung bomb goes off, he tells himself miserably. A few seconds until surely, they’ll be another few seconds away from hell when the adults find out. If anything, he thinks with a long, suffering sigh, he’s furthest from the disaster in a nutshell.

When it finally explodes in fumes of stinking gas, Dex is the first to bolt down the stairs, now that Sophie’s attention isn’t on him to make sure he doesn’t leave. The smell still catches him though, and just as he scrunches up his face and gags, he runs into a firm wall of flesh, and the next thing he knows is a sweet floral scent mixed with the stench of rotten eggs and baby diapers.

And bright teal eyes.

Ah, fu-


Dex envies Fitz, not for the first time, for being able to act so composed even when they’re surrounded by a cloud of the putrid smelling fog.

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