Final Chapter 38

Secret Red

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She tucked her auburn hair tighter into a bun and searched for the next class when she passed a group of boys right outside the designated class. Clutching her hand inside the sweatshirt pocket, she watched as the bulky brown haired boy slammed his fist against the wall right beside the poor boy’s face, glaring as the boy flinched, slumping his head further down.

“What are you looking at!” He snapped, noticing the unfamiliar girl stood watching them.

“Is this rude guy bothering you?” She ignored, asking the poor boy instead, earning a scoff from the baffled dickhead.

Alison made an impression on her very first day in the new school to the school jerk, Jason. As they continued to bicker on every possible occasion, Alison felt that he’s not much of a jerk she thought he was.

Jason could not help but felt rather intrigued with Alison. Hidding behind her thick glasses, her enticing blue eyes captured his interest with secrets he wished to unfold. Something she tried so hard to hide.

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