Falling in Trouble

37. Goodbye

I didn’t have all that much to pack. I was basically living out of my bags so it didn’t take long to gather my things and put them in my car.

I didn’t want to leave just yet. I was sad to know that I had already had my last night of sleeping on daisy’s floor. I had my last breakfast with everyone. So many lasts had gone by and now it was time for a whole lists of firsts.

My first night in my new place. My first meal in my kitchen. My first day alone.

My first time having people over.

I knew that first would be soon. Daisy would be over my apartment a lot of I had anything to say about it.

“It’s going to be weird not having you around.” Adrian stated as I walked back through the front door.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

I felt myself getting emotional just thinking about leaving. I’d miss all of them.

I already missed Hudson and I hadn’t even left yet. He was distant with me. Not saying all that much and doing his best to ignore my presence.

“He’s going to miss you too, even if he’s pretending he doesn’t care.” Adrian said softly.

I had noticed that Adrian seemed to know a whole lot but he didn’t talk about it much. He’d make these comments and it would remind me that he knew a lot more then he let anyone else believe.

“It’s whatever I don’t care.” I shrugged him off.

I would try and seem unbothered.

“Mhmm.” He just gave me a knowing look and walked into the kitchen.

I followed him and was met with sad eyes.

Wyatt and Daisy were there ready to say goodbye.

“Guys I’m not moving across the country.” I reminded them.

“We just like having you around.” Daisy said.

Wyatt nodded his head in agreement.

“I like being around you guys too.” My eyes filled with tears.

I tried to fight them off but my emotions were getting the better of me.

When the tears actually started to fall Wyatt and daisy pulled me into a group hug.

“You should just stay.” Wyatt said.

“I agree.” Daisy chipped in.

“I don’t.” Adrian huffed.

I looked up at him with a small smile on my face. He shot me a quick wink and just grinned. Adrian would never change and I loved him for that.

“Guys I have to go soon.” I tried to pull away from them.

They both sighed and released me.

I would miss this house.

“I’m going to see all of you still. Don’t think you can get rid of me that easily.” I told them.

“I’m not worried I’ll happily drag your ass back to this house if you try getting away.” Daisy grinned.

“I’ll see you almost everyday at school.” Wyatt nodded.

“Thank god I’m done dealing with you.” Adrian laughed.

“You’re going to miss me so much. You’ll be knocking at my door by the end of the week wishing I’d come back.” I teased him.

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