Falling For Him ✔️


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Axel’s grandparents had returned later that day, and Axel had told them he was gay. They were, to put it lightly, not very accepting, yet Axel could honestly care less about their opinions. He’d learn to block out their comments before, he’d simply do it again. Plus, now his dad was there and this time he didn’t remain silent.

He’d actually told his parents to fuck off after an especially crude comment. Axel was glad they were leaving the next morning. So was his dad, Evan too.

The next day had passed and Axel had been forced to stay home thanks to his out of school suspension. Honestly, he didn’t even think his punishment was that bad at all. Sure, he had to miss the next few baseball practices, but he’d be back in the next two days.

Axel had never been so sure that for once in his life, it was going to be somewhat good. That everything would be okay.

On the last day of his suspension, Axel had came over to Will’s house, and they were in his backyard, the afternoon light pouring down and filtering through the trees above them as they lay tangled in each other’s arms.

His backyard was huge, and it was incredibly beautiful. They were in the back corner, where they wouldn’t be disturbed, a small, tiny creek flowing gently behind them, all kinds of flowers growing and sprouting around them.

The shadows of the trees danced upon their faces as the oncoming breeze washed over them. The grass moved in steady waves, birds chirping happily, content with the warm rays of the sun shining down on them.

Axel closed his eyes, content to just lay there in silence next to Will, the vast blue sky above them endless, clouds drifting effortlessly past them. He wished it could be summer, so that they might do this every day.

Will was rubbing circles on Axel’s hand slowly as he broke the comfortable silence they’d fallen into. “Can you believe this is real?”

Axel thought for a moment, then laughed. “Not at all.”

Will chuckled, picking at the dandelions that surrounded them with his free hand. “I can,” he said softly, eyes twinkling. He then sat up, pulling Axel up with him. “Kiss me, batboy?”

Axel leaned in, wrapping his arms around Will’s neck, and they came together in a soft embrace, tender and slow. “It feels like a dream,” Axel whispered in between kisses. “I don’t want it to ever end.”

Will pulled Axel to the ground, smiling as he pulled away for a split second. “Then let’s not let it end.”

Axel grinned as Will’s lips met his once again. Together, they kissed for what could have been an eternity or simply a few minutes. He did not know.

With Will, the small, quick moments felt like forevers.

Eventually, they both pulled away, and ended up sprawled against the grass again, Axel’s head on Will’s chest.

“Tell me something I don’t know about you,” Will said.

Axel peered up at the sky. “I used to hate baseball when I was little.”

Will bursted out laughing. “What? Why’d you keep playing?”

“My dad forced me to,” he said. “I’m glad he did though.”

“Me too.”

Axel rolled his eyes, yet asked Will the same thing. “Your turn,” he said. “Tell me something I don’t know about you.”

Will pondered for a few seconds, then smiled. “I like to paint.”

At that Axel’s eyes widened slightly. “And you didn’t tell me. What world we live in, huh?”

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