Extra Chapter: When Muzan met Tanjiro's dead parent...

Extra Chapter: Who is Crying???

A cry broke the silent Infinite City. All the demons were puzzled.

Muzan’s POV

“Ahhhhhhhh! I am going to die!!!” I ran through  the buildings and yelled.

“My king, what’s wrong?” Daki asked.

Muzan stopped and turned to the uppermoons.

“You don’t need to know. All you need to know is that when Tanjiro comes, tell him that I am not here.” I ordered and I could see that they were confused but nodded.

Tanjiro’s POV

After comforting my sweetheart, I grabbed my sword and walked slowly through the Infinite City. “Muzan dear, where are you?” I asked loudly and was smiling.

Just then, I saw the uppermoons. “Good evening, my dear uppermoons.” I said with a wide smile. But that seemed to make them became scared. “May I ask where Muzan is?” I asked kindly.

“U-uh…I don’t know, my queen. Erm, you can ask Kokushibo.” Daki answered, trembling. And, I looked at the uppermoon one.

“What! Uh…my queen, may I ask what did my king do wrong this time?” Kokushibo asked and I laughed.

“He? Oh my dear, he made my sweetheart cried. And this is unforgivable.” I replied.

“Nani? Who is ‘sweetheart’, may I ask?” Akaza, who has just cut off Doma’s head, said.

I grinned. “Oh I forgot to mention, my apologise. I gave birth and it is a girl!”

“What!?” All the uppermoons screamed. “You have a baby and Mu…Muzan didn’t tell us!?”

I nodded.

“Ok! We are helping you, my queen. Oh and what is my princess’s name?” Daki said with excitement.

“Her name is Olivia Kibutsuji.” I replied.

Then, the uppermoons brought Tanjiro to Muzan’s hiding place, and he successfully made himself unable to stay in the lovebirds’ bedroom for a month (Congratulations!)

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