Expecting The Unexpected

CHAPTER 16: Wedding Day


Rose- “Dress”

Cass- “Perfect”

Rose- “Earrings”

Cass- “Perfect”

Rose- “Hair”

Cass- “Perfect”

Rose- “Shoes”

Cass- “Perfect”

Rose- “Overall”


“Ev, you look beautiful.” Rose said.

“Ya you do. Oh God Ev I am going to cry. My little Ev is getting married.” Cass said.

“She is not little Cass. And stop it. Look at her she is so nervous.”

“Ya she is. Aww my poor Ev.”

“I wonder how will you seduce him when you yourself is so nervous. Because one thing is for sure he is not going to do anything.” Cass smacked Rose’s arm.

“Stop. My Ev is really brave. She remembers all my lessons I know she can do it.”

“Ev say something I know when you are nervous you talk a lot. Ev you are scaring me now. Say something.” Rose said a little scared.

“I think when she is over nervous she does not speak.” Cass said.

“Over nervous? Is that even a word? Anyways Ev you are okay right?”

I nodded.

“Cass she is not saying anything. Its not like her.”

“I don’t know. Okay lets go.”

They took me outside. My father gave me his arm I took it and we walked down the aisle. I did not dared to look in front. I was so nervous. Finally my Dad stopped. I looked up and met with a pair of blue eyes. He took my hand from Dad. Dad said “Take care of her. I am giving my life to you.”

“I will.” He said with a smile. Oh God he is looking so handsome, sexy, hot. I don’t know what else to say. I am really going crazy by his looks.

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