Ethan's POV - First day of middle school - Part 1

Book in Ethan's POV is now out!

Hello guys, and yes you are reading this right, I am going to start a new book in Ethan’s POV! 

I asked last chapter which POV’s people would like to see, and after seeing people literally name every chapter under the sun, I’ve decided I might as well just try and do all of them lol.

So, yeah if you’re interested to find out every single whipped/crazy/perverted thought that went through Ethan Bylthe’s mind then run down to my profile and add that book to your library.

Since the book is just an extra, it won’t have a formal update schedule. You can expect the first three chapters (3-6) to be uploaded quite quickly as I’ve already written them but the rest might be a while. This is because I’ve practically devoted my life to finishing my other brand new book. Oh, and also because I need to study. (I could literally knock you out with my two folders filled with content I have to memorize) 

Don’t do a Vet degree kids XD

So yeah long story short, I will show this book more attention in summer when I have a lot more free time. 

That’s all. Hope you enjoy xx

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