6. The other side


Khushi never wanted such dull congratulations. She wanted Arnav to hug her, kiss her, and congratulate her in such a way that she touched the stars in the sky. His eyes should be sparkled with joy but his eyes were downcasted with sadness & guild. Did she really want all this? It was a question in Khushi’s mind. 

There was time to contemplate why. Why are they both standing at this juncture of life where they can’t share happiness with each other, Can’t share their turmoil with each other? Who is responsible for it?  Couple in question, family, or somebody else. 

Arnav was very subdued. Khushi did not like his dejected face. Now she was regretting. A shouting or enraged Arnav was much better. Now she was cursing herself. Why she didn’t demand his attention? He was always quiet then why did she let him be quiet? She should have confronted him, 

Arnav spoke again – I know I am a bad husband but I will try to change myself. Sorry for hurting you.  Before Khushi could say the car was halted. Khushi noticed that they have reached Shanti Van. Arnav got down from the car & opened the door for Khushi. Khushi slowly got down she was not able to say anything as she was on the verge of crying. Arnav was not meeting her eyes. 

He spoke without looking at her. A have booked a new car, It will be delivered tomorrow & I have hired a new driver too. That car will be exclusively for you. He finished his talk & went inside with a heavy heart. Both were hurt deeply but could not express it. Both were equally responsible for their pain. When Khushi came inside there was only Payal in the drawing room. She gave a hurt look to Khushi & spoke.

 NaniJi has requested you to meet her in her room. But it is not an obligation. If you don’t like it, don’t go. 

Jiji….. Khushi tried to talk with her sister but Payal ignored her & went to her room. 

Khushi controlled her tears & went to meet Nani Ji. When NaniJi heard a knock on the door she asked to come in.

Congratulations Bitiya. I am so proud of you. Nani Ji kept her hand on Khushi’s head to give blessings. 

Thank You, Nani Ji. 

I would have liked it if you have shared such big news with the family. We would have celebrated it with you. I know there is some rift going on between you & Arnav. Does it was such a big deal that you did not consider sharing with the rest of the family? Bitiya there will be always some issues but we can resolve them by talking only. We elders are always there to guide you. If there were issues that you were not able to resolve yourself then you should come to me, You should have shared them with me.

I am sorry Nanji. I thought no one loves me, no one cares for me. I wanted to tell you in the evening but you all were busy celebrating the victory of Aarav so I didn’t like to share. 

Bitiya if we can celebrate for a guest what could we do for our elder daughter-in-law? Think about it. We were taking care of them because they were your guests. But you have to share your feeling with us. Then only we will be able to understand you. I do not blame you. I know we must have made some mistakes that is why you distanced yourself from the family. I am sorry on behalf of the whole family. I will take care that these things will not happen in future. Please take care of yourself. 

Khushi thought she will be very happy when the family will realise their mistakes. She thought they were guilty & she will proudly show them that their ignorance didn’t bother her. But nothing like that happened. Arnav was guilty and Nani asked sorry but why she is still feeling dejected. Why there is sorrow in her heart? She thought that she will proudly show them her achievement but there is nothing except guilt in her heart & mind. 

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