1st pov.

Your fingertips were ice cold when you interlocked them with mine.

How can one be so stubborn that even with windchills below 0 degrees , they still find it appropriate not to wear just one pair of gloves?

When I had requested you to wear a pair , you told me that you want to feel my bare skin no matter the circumstance.

I jokingly replied to you , “You wouldn’t be able to even feel anything , because you’d get frostbite.”

“Ryuhei , are you christian?” I questioned.

“Nope , but even if we’re not christian , Christmas still is worth celebrating , isn’t it ?” You replied , as I hummed in response , not sure on how to answer your question.

I sheepishly took off my gloves , clasping my hands around yours , giving you what you had asked for earlier.

You seemed to be taken aback by my actions , “What about you ? You’ll get cold , too.” You pointed out , visibly worried.

“Then , I’ll simply blow hot air into our hands. Or maybe I’ll stick them under your layers of clothing.”

However , you looked unconvinced. You can’t complain , even though I know you will.

But I don’t mind the cold either , not when I can touch you like this.

Even though you would be the one who would be the type to do this , I feel like I should do it instead of you.

“You’ve done too much for me , honestly. I should thank you for it , Ryuhei.” I spoke.

“Merry Christmas , [Name].” Ryuhei said , pecking my forehead while sitting next to me.

“Merry Christmas.” I smiled back at him.

The silence that followed after was rather long , but comfortably long instead.

“So , [Name].” You started , looking at me while smiling to yourself. “I know you’ve been dying to rant to me about your day just by looking at your face. Go ahead.”

My lips slowly tugged upwards , as my face lit up. I nodded my head eagerly , before starting my sentence.

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