Epilogue (Finale)

Jacob's Game

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This time around for good, please help me support my latest book which I’m updating everyday. I’d really like it if you give it a chance and read. I’m planning on finishing the book on June before resuming updating Accidental Mrs, I’m planning on changing somethings on Accidental Mrs.

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Here is the summary of the book;


It was all a game. Jacob’s sick game.

Teresa Andrew finds herself playing an act of pretence with Gideon Snow. She has to pretend being his fiancee in other to keep the weak heart of his grandfather at peace.

But what she doesn’t prepare for was the bad side of their plan, who happens to be Jacob Snow. Gideon’s elder brother, who Teresa believes to be the devil himself.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to agree on Gideon’s preposition, right?

Started : 22nd May 2022

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