When you're talking but they aren't listening

HEESEUNG-“….so i figure out that-“-you stopped talking when you noticed that he isn’t listening to you-he was busy day dreaming tho-“You aren’t listening!”-you whined loudly making him startled-“huh ah what?”-he confusingly said-“Nevermind you pabo”-and that’s it you sulked for the whole day

JAY-“…and she was like oh he’s so so handso-“-“Hey look at this it’s so cool right?”-he giddily asked shoving his phone Infront of you pretty face-you glare at him and said…-“You weren’t listening and now you decided to shove your phone in my face?!”-he scoffed and went back scrolling through his phone-“who cares about that guy I’m more handsome”-he murmured and you finally get the hint, he’s jealous and pretend that he’s not listening to you

JAKE-“Jake can you get the tissue please?”-You asked not looking at him-when you didn’t hear a response you said it again-“Jake please pass me the tissue”-you receive nothing and so you march to find him and there he was….-reading-“Ugh! Clean your ears next time will you?!”-he look up from his book-“uhh what?”-“NOTHING!!!”

SUNGHOON-“….so i just said that next time watch where you’re going like seriously the hallway is big!she can just walk on the other side! I swear she did it on purpo-“-you paused when you realize that he’s not listening to you and just keep taking selfie-“Sunghoon”-you called but he’s too engrossed to what he is doing-“SUNGHOON!”-“huh ?”-he look up to you and you just smile… sarcastically-“nothing.nothing at all just planning something evil in my head”

SUNOO-you sat on his bed exhausted from school-“Ms.Koo just decided to give us 3 homework at once! Like seriously! that’s just insane! and then Ms Rae decided to give us a homework too so like 4 homework in one day-Ptss Sunoo you listening?”-he nodded but didn’t look away from his phone-“You know what nevermind I’m tired anyways”

JUNGWON-“hey do you think this will look good on me?”-you asked showing him a t-shirt from an online shopping app-however he didn’t reply-“no?”-you finally noticed that he’s not listening to you so you slap his shoulder earning a glare-“what is it?”-He hissed-you just stare at him and shook your head then look away from him-he understood it right away-you’re upset

NIKI-“what do you think? I mean it’s not that bad right?I think I look fine…so what do you think?”-you look up to him but you find him staring at you-“umm Niki?”-nothing-“Niiiiiiki?”-still nothing and so you decided to clap your hand in front of his face just once-“NIKI?!!!”-“OH uh you look beautiful”

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