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Bubble Tea - Jakehoon

Hi everyone, sorry for not updating yesterday… As you I usually update a chapter a day (in my different books) but I got tested positive for covid yesterday morning and I didn’t have the strength to write anything until now (not need to worry though, I’m sure my symptoms will go away soon)This chapter will maybe be shorter than usual, but I know you’ll all understand.

Anyway, please take care of yourselves❤️

Author Nim✨


“Before we start, does anyone want bubble tea?” asked Sunghoon, trying to act casually. “Good idea!” replied Niki, taking his phone out. “There’s this new shop near-“”Oh but they don’t have the options I like” instantly replied Sunghoon.

Sunoo and Niki looked at each other before looking at their friend. The both of them were frowning and had an undisguised surprised expression on their faces. 

“Niki didn’t even tell you which shop he was talking about” said Sunoo, not understanding why Sunghoon had reacted so rashly.

Think. Fast. Now.

However, before Sunghoon could make up an excuse, the kitchen door opened.

“Hey guys” greeted Jay, Sunghoon’s roommate. “Hi” replied Sunoo and Niki at the same time, still looking at Sunghoon. “Am I interrupting something?” asked Jay, sensing the weird vibe coming from the three friends.

In fact, he had almost walked into a statue display room in a museum. Sunghoon was close to the oven, leaning against it, while his two classmates were sitting around their kitchen table. None of them moved.

“No, you’re not interrupting. We were about to start a group project for the history-” started Sunghoon.

“Jay Hyung” called Niki, momentarily looking away from the suspect. “Has Sunghoon been weird these days?”

Sunghoon looked at Jay, catching the latter side smiling.

“What do you mean these days?” asked Jay, laughing, soon joined by Sunoo. “Come on” replied Sunghoon, annoyed by the teasing.

Jay opened one of the cabinets to grab a glass. He didn’t answer right away, so that he could create a little suspense.

“Why that question though?” asked Jay, filling his glass with water.

Don’t say it, don’t say it.

Unfortunately for Sunghoon, Niki couldn’t read minds. On the other hand, is Niki could, and if he had heard Sunghoon’s request, he would have probably ignored it anyways.

“Sunghoon asked if we wanted bubble te-” started Niki. “Is this about that boy again?” asked Jay, looking at Sunghoon. “WHAT BOY?” asked Sunoo. “You haven’t told us anything ABOUT A BOY.””You’re loud again” said Niki. “BUT THIS TIME I’LL JOIN YOU.”

“Thank you for this” slid Sunghoon to Jay, tilting his head towards his two friends being loud. “Oh, wasn’t I supposed to say anything?” asked Jay chuckling. “Come on, there’s nothing to be ashamed about.””I’m not ashamed” replied Sunghoon, so fast that he stuttered.

“Then tell your cheeks, cause they’re all red” observed Sunoo, smiling in triumph.

The kitchen was now silent. All eyes were glued on Sunghoon, waiting for the explanation.

“Okay, there’s a boy” he finally whispered, preparing his ears for what would come right after that.

Sunghoon knew his friends well. Sunoo and Niki exploded in happiness, whereas Jay didn’t say much, but smiled too.

“Can we ask about him?” implored Niki. “Okay, one question each” accepted Sunghoon. “Oh come on, that’s unfair!” said Sunoo. “Yeah, we want to know more” added Jay, suddenly entirely part of the drama.

“What do you already know?” asked Sunoo, looking at the roommate. “That doesn’t count-” started Sunghoon, soon ignored by said roommate. “I don’t know much unfortunately” said Jay. “Just that Sunghoon has a crush on him. He doesn’t want to tell me more. But now I think he might have something to do with bubble tea.”

“Oh right the bubble tea!” shouted Sunoo. “I had forgotten about that.”

“If you don’t ask your questions now, I take the offer back” said Sunghoon, not liking the position he was in so much.

“Okay, let’s calm down” suggested Jay. “We need to pick the right questions.”

Sunghoon sighed as the three of them brainstormed. He wanted this to be over soon so that they could start their project.

That’s a lie. You want this to end to get “bubble tea”.

“Okay, we’re ready” finally announced Niki.

Sunghoon nodded, inviting them to speak and get this over with.

“When did you meet him for the first time?” asked Sunoo. “I think it was over a month ago” said Sunghoon, trying to remember.

“A MONTH?!” shouted Sunoo. “Sunoo calm down” said Jay. “Niki, you can ask yours.””How did you meet?” asked the latter. “He… has a part time job for which he delivers bubble tea for this shop downtown” explained Sunghoon.

Sunoo tried his best not to scream, which resulted in his face getting a bit red.

“Okay last question” warned Sunghoon. “What is the boy’s name?” asked Jay, eyes sparkling.

Unfortunately, Sunghoon’s eyes didn’t sparkle back.

“I don’t know” he said, obviously saddened by it.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” asked Jay. “You’ve been ordering bubble tea almost every day for the past month. Don’t tell me you still haven’t asked his name?”

“Well, I want to, and I try to, but I always get so nervous that I never succeeded” explained Sunghoon. “That is so tragic” whispered Sunoo, hands on his cheeks.

“So we agree?” asked Niki. “Why do you even ask!” replied Jay.


“When did you get the text?” asked Sunoo, stressed. “Over 15 minutes ago” said Sunghoon. “He will be here any second now.”

“Oh boy” said Niki.

As if the mysterious delivery boy had heard Niki, the door bell rang at this moment. Sunghoon rushed outside of the kitchen to open the door. He had asked his friends to stay in the kitchen, but he knew they would be listening to them anyway.

“Hello!” greeted the delivery boy. “Here’s your order.”

Sunghoon’s heart sunk extremely deep.

“Thank you” he said. “May I ask you something?”

The three boys in the kitchen were about to explose.

“Do you perhaps know where the other delivery boy is?” asked Sunghoon. “Oh, Jake?” replied the boy. “He’s not feeling well today, so he asked me to take his shift.””So you know him” continued Sunghoon. “Yes, he’s my roommate” continued the guy. “I’m Heeseung by the way.””And I’m Sunghoon” said the latter. “So… so you want me to give Jake a message perhaps?” asked Heeseung. “Yes please” confirmed Sunghoon.


“WHAT WAS THE MESSAGE?” implored Sunoo as soon as Sunghoon came back to the kitchen with their bubble teas.”It’s a secret” replied Sunghoon, taking the three drinks out of the bag.

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