Electric Impulse


Hey Guys and Girls!

I’m in need of real feedback. I love the comments I get from you guys, but I’d love to probe your genius minds. Mwahahaha! I wanted to catch you while the story is still fresh in mind. If you have a few minutes, would you mind answering a few questions? I promise I won’t drink my sorrow away if I don’t like your answers! 😋 Honestly, brutal honesty is what I’m looking for.

Just add an inline comment next to the question you’re answering. Also to keep things in order, please label your answer with the question number. Ex: 1.) I think…

1.) Was the jumping back and forth in time, confusing? Could you follow the storyline? Do you feel it would have been easier to understand or more entertaining for timeline to be straightforward?

2.) What’s your favorite part of this story? Is it a scene or a quote? An overall feeling?

3.) What do you hate the most about ELECTRIC IMPULSE? Which parts chewed at your nerves the most?

4.) Who’s your favorite character(s) and why?

5.) Which character(s) do you hate? Why?

6.) Which character(s) do you secretly root for? What do you want for that character?

7.) What impacted you the most about this story?

8.) What do you feel is the overall theme of ELECTRIC IMPULSE?

For now, that’s all!Thanks Guys!❤️❤️❤️

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