Dusk & Dawn

Chapter 1 & 2

Hot hands close around my throat. My breath comes out in wheezes as I try to scream for help. The walls start closing in and black spots dot the edge of my vision.

Not again. Not again. I won’t survive this time.

My heart jackhammers in my chest and I fear it will burst out of my skin.

He looks down, eyes blazing with anger and as he opens his mouth…


“No…”BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.”NO!!!” I shriek, sweat dripping off me.

My eyes fly open in shock. My heart begins to slow as I remember where I am and where that incessant beeping is really coming from.

I stretch my heavy arm from underneath the covers blindly searching for that damn alarm clock Lexi must have snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping.

Smart-ass, but God I love that girl. I know she’s just looking out for me like she has since we first met in the guidance councillors office on the last day of high school.

My dreams have been surfacing again since college orientation.

Stress, it’s just stress triggering it.

And I make a mental note to cut out all creepy shows from now on.

After successfully knocking over both my guitars and stack of vitamins my fingers finally find the annoying alarm clock and switched it off.

Peace finally, thank the Lord tap dancing Christ!

I’m usually up at the butt crack of dawn but today’s different. Today is the first day of college and I’m dreading it with every skerrick of DNA in my body.

“Quinn?” Lexi taps on the door. “Are you up or did you turn that fantastic alarm off in your sleep?” I could hear the slight smirk in her voice.

Maybe if I just pretend I’m still asleep she’ll leave without me.

“Quinn?” the door opens with a little creak and I lay still squeezing my eyes shut, willing them not to twitch like they do when you pretend to be asleep, jiggling around like they’re dancing underneath your eyelids.

“Up and at ’em! We’ve got classes to go to and people to meet… and by ‘people to meet’ I mean some seriously hot college boys to gawk at.” She says in sing-song as she jumps on my bed and starts tickling me until I have no choice but to start laughing. “Okay, okay Lex I’m getting up.” I sit up in bed as she takes the edge and puts her hand near mine.

She knows I don’t really like to be touched so she’s careful to keep a little distance. She doesn’t know everything about my past but definitely knows more than most.”You okay? Are you nervous or something?” I didn’t want to worry her because her over protective instincts would kick in and she’d be smothering me all day long. She can’t help it though, she was the oldest of 3 girls so it was in her genes to be nurturing.

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