Dreamy tales

Arylie OS : Entangled feeling

Aryan and imlie dealing with thier internal unammed feeling, after the whole brothel fisaco, Malini is thrown out from tripathi house and the shit-pathi is hell bend on wowing imlie back.

Wednesday 7:12 pm, At Tripathi Niwas.

Imlie is sitting under the shed of tree, with aditiya Infront of her and as always her abp beside her.

” Imp..imlie I think mr thripathi and you have some things wh..which needed to be short out i..I should leave “, what the hell is wrong with you man, your voice is breaking. Why?

Jisse zindgi dhund rahe haiKya yeh woh makaam mera hai

Aryan waited for imlie, to speak up something but she sit there motionless, her eyes fixed at thripathi Niwas.

He felt a little pang in his heart but he turned, wearing his avaitors he started to walk towards his Mrs lambi gadi.

Why the hell it’s affecting him this much, when she’s silent, when she choose to sit with aditiya, when she didn’t look at him with that radiating charm and glint in her eyes. WHY?

He stirred at his place when a small plam slipped in his large one, he didn’t need to look at the person ” Ghar chalein abp “

He tired hard but a small smile broke at the side of his lips, his heart filled with warmth.. unknown peace settled inside him.

” Par tripathi niwas, uska kya “, Aryan asked covering his smile.

” Uske liye maa hai, papa hai badke kaka, Nishant bhaiya aur I’m sure ab toh ba..mr tripathi bhi hai, humhar kaam malini didi ka sach sab ke samne layi ka tha,is pariwar se unke naam ki kali patti hatai ka tha jo ki ab pura ho gaya hai toh chale ghar kaki maa pareshan ho rahe honge “, imlie answered with glint in her eyes and charm radiating her face.

Ahhh did she just learn to read his mind ?

Like he did everytime with her.

It can be dangerous Aryan.

Imlie tries to lossend her grip as she noticed her hands were muddy ” humhar hath mein mitti hai abp tohar haat ganda huhi jaye ga “

She smiled when he didn’t response, just tightened his grip on her hold, letting his plam to get muddy.

After all they’re 50-50 partners.

” Aaj tohar mrs ko h..” ,Aryan pushed back the driver seat door, throwing key’s at imlie which she catch with single hand, he sat on passanger seat.

He never let anyone ride his car, because this one is gifted by his jiju but imlie.

Well she’s an exception.


Yahan chain se bas ruk jaun Kyun dil yeh mujhe kheta hai

She did everything for them, after putting her sweat and blood behind that family but what she get’s in return? Only ungrateful ignorance.

And here’re the rathore’s. Whom she has known for barely four months, they all blend her in their life like she’s a part of them since entity.

Narmada always pampered her like Arpita, her second daughter and why not she calls her kaki maa, arpita didi never shy away from telling her little unb mischievous stories and whatever she felt, because she do consider her as her sister and ABP.

Well he always, repeat the very same line ” hum dost nahi hai imlie “, but little did she knows they were more then that, but what? She’s highly confused because of that.

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